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Transformational Business Coaching

What is Transformational Business Coaching?

Business Coaching, when done by an experienced professional, is a science and should be conducted within a specific structure and formula of results. At LibAbun, we use two different types of Coaching/Support; Transformational Business Coaching, and Transactional Business Coaching.

One of our favourite formulas to help us focus on ‘Liberating Abundance’ in the lives of our clients and everyone associated with them is the ‘BE-DO-HAVE’ formula for life success. See the slide below.

The ‘BE-DO-HAVE’ formula fundamentally is ‘Who’ do you need to ‘BE’; and ‘What’ do you need to ‘DO’; to ‘Have’ the successes in life you want?

Now, you could be forgiven to think that formula sounds a bit ‘fluffy’ (many have). Yet this same formula has also been scientifically proven in Physics and is known by us today as part of Newton’s Laws of Momentum. Mass x velocity = Momentum there are many other laws of momentum associated to this, yet focusing on this one formula will suffice.

Formula For Life Success.

'BE x DO = HAVE' Formula, also know as 'Mass x Velocity = Momentum'! Who do you need to 'BE', and what do you need to 'DO' to 'HAVE' the success in life you want?

Transformational Business Coaching Explained

In the ‘BE X DO = HAVE’ formula your ‘BE’ is the sum of your knowledge, skills, attitude, identity, basically who you are and your capabilities as a person.

It is your ‘BE’ in this formula, which Transformational Business Coaching Focuses on developing. The purpose of this type of coaching is to enhance your own capabilities so you are in a position to be able to ‘DO’ the thing you need to do, to ‘HAVE’ the successes in life you want.

For example, we could attempt to coach you how to achieve more sales in your business. Yet, if you have a negative attitude about being a salesperson or have an opinion that ‘this won’t work’, even before we start practically applying it, then you have set up barriers to success already.

Working on your ‘BE’ and the ‘BE’ of any team members associated with what we intend to ‘DO’ is critical, to set the best opportunity to successfully achieve our desired outcomes. This is one of our many generalised success principles – “For things to change, first I must change!”

Taking Ownership To Effect Change

To implement real change, the ownership and acceptance for that change has to start with ourselves.

Extended Formula For Success

We have to 'BE' who we need to be, to 'DO' what we need to do, in order to have the success we want! These are driven by our 'WHY'. Our energy and determination to succeed. We can also only 'GIVE' what we 'HAVE'.

Transformational Business Coaching Opens A World of Opportunity!

If you want to improve any aspect of your business or life, then the premise “For things to change, first I must change!” is a fact! The real question is; “Are you worried, anxious, or have a negative attitude toward this change; or are you excited and positive about it?”

Transformational Coaching is designed to help you develop the best knowledge, skills, attidtude and identity required to ‘DO’ whatever it is you are about to ‘DO’.

We have dozens of ‘Tranformational Business Coaching tools and guidelines. Some are presented elsewhere on our website.

However working on Transformational Coaching is only ‘half the correct approach’, this must be combined with ‘Transactional Business Coaching. Transactional Coaching is the next part of our success formula, and the implementation of real business development strategies to help achieve your desired outcomes.