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LibAbun Vision Statement

Our purpose

Our LibAbun Vision Statement

"LibAbun are 'Liberators of Abundance'.
We help people build better businesses, greater Lifestyles"

Our Founders Libabun Vision Statement

Neil Sinclair is the Founder and Managing Director of LibAbun Business Services Agency. Having been in the Business Coaching and Business Development Industry since 2001, Neil is an experienced Business Coach, Business Investor and Business Trainer. 

LibAbun has developed a team of ‘Business Growth Experts’ who are also Keap Certified Partners (Keap formerly Infusionsoft) and ServiceM8 Certified Partners and a LivePlan Certified Advisors. We also specialise in Website Development and Business Accounting and Bookkeeping services.

LibAbun is based in the United Kingdom. We coach and train people in business throughout the world via our online meeting room.

Our ‘Primary Purpose’ is to “Help people in Business develop themselves, and the tools needed, to Build better businesses, greater lifestyples!” We help people so they can live the lives they want and feel great about it. We can help Businesses in all English speaking countries around the world. We Coach and advise them through ‘live’ and recorded online sessions both person-to-person and in group situations.

Successful businesses are critical for every community to be part of a successful, vibrant, abundant society and economy. That is why we are so passionate. ‘LibAbun’s WHY’ is all about helping people thrive in business and through this we will help create greater levels of abundance throughout the world!

Watch the video on this page to find our more about LibAbun Business Coaching. Its vital you understand ‘Why’ and ‘How’, LibAbun are practicing ourselves, what we preach to other Small Businesses. All our LibAbun Team are energised and inspired by our vision, purpose, culture and ‘Profit-Share Scheme’ to develop and support a large portfolio of businesses.

We coach and train many Small Businesses as customers. We also have two separate ‘Profit-share schemes to be shared with our LibAbun Team. The first is a 20% Profit-share directly back to our LibAbun Team. The second is a 40% Profit-share scheme which is a Company-wide Business Acquisition and Development Fund to acquire and develop a wide range of Company-owned businesses. Watch the video above for further explanation…

So How Did Our LibAbun Vision Statement Originate?

LibAbun was founded by Neil Sinclair who since 2001 has been a Business Owner, a Business Investor and a professional Business Coach. Prior to becoming a Business Owner, Investor and Business Coach, Neil formulated the idea of a need for ‘LibAbun’ – ‘Liberators of Abundance during a 19 year career in the Royal New Zealand Air Force! Through his military experience, he got to understand the importance that every country needs successful businesses to allow communities to function and thrive.

Let’s face it, when a military force gets deployed overseas, its not going to visit the ‘Olympic games’. Its normally deployed because some people are being pretty nasty to another group of people, or there has been a natural disaster where people need our help. In both these situations we have all seen or heard some amazing stories of resilience and abundance. During these times of strife or disaster there are always human stories that are ‘just so inspiring’. 

What most people aren’t aware of is that, during these times of crisis, one of the military’s primary roles is to bring stability back into that region. This is to allow normal business to resume in the communities! You see it doesn’t matter what country you are in, what religion you believe in, or what ethnicity you are, every country and society needs to have thriving businesses. These businesses offer employment, taxes to the government, a source of income for local and national economies, give people a sense of purpose and fulfilment, offer profits back to the owners or shareholders and so much more.

Neil Sinclair – Founder of LibAbun Business Coaching

We Have Worked With Dozens Of Different Industries.

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Helping small and medium enterprises to grow! 

Over the years Neil has conducted Business Coaching and Business Training with hundreds of different Business Owners and their teams in dozens of different Industries. We offer Coaching and Training to help them attain greater levels of sales, profitability, customer service, systemisation, team performance, alignment to their business culture and amongst other things, in the end to feel inspired and feel great about the business they are working in.

As a Keap Certified Partner (Keap formerly Infusionsoft) We specialise in the successful implementation of the Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap CRM platforms to help small business automate and better systemise most facets of their business to create sustainable growth, save them time and achieve their business goals faster.

Business does not have to mean ‘Busy-ness’ 

Business doesn’t have to be the ‘pressure cooker’ environment so many small and medium businesses find themselves in through issues with cash flow, low profit or no profit, poor recruitment and training systems, inconsistent delivery of their products and services, a lack of consistency in good effective marketing strategies, no proper sales system or processes in place, a lack of business planning with no financial management and budgeting and a very poor grasp of effective time management ensuring you work on your business and team skills each week instead of just working in the business.

All of these issues culminate in the business owner and their team suffering from a lack of time, not making enough money from the business and not feeling as great as they should or could be. At LibAbun we help you change all this to get much better results and feel great about it too!

“Business is not just about a ‘common sense’ approach as 80% of companies don’t survive their first 5 years. Surely these business owners and their teams had ‘Common Sense’! We all know that ‘common sense’ rarely means ‘common practise’ and it is MORE about ensuring we are conducting a ‘common practise’ approach through a systematic approach to business, leveraged through a focused team and great business systems that are both well managed and lead!”

After all…we usually spend at least 40 hours a week at work, that is approximately one-third of our adult lives – so its vitally important to get the right knowledge, skills and attitude in business so we can feel great about the journey we are on.

Find out more about our Business Coaching and Business Training services by reviewing other pages on this website. Go to our ‘Success Stories’ page to see dozens of Clients testimonials, comments and results.

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