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LivePlan Business Planning Training

Our LibAbun LivePlan business planning training empowers you! Take back control, grow your numbers and save time!
A great business planning too to automate and manage 'double-digit' growth.!

Two Types Of LivePlan Business Planning Training...

LivePlan Business Planning

'LivePlan Induction Training' - Set Up & Create Your First Plan

NOTE: This training must be completed before attending any 'LivePlan Quarterly Business Planning Days'
This is an 'On-Demand' Training Course that is available 24/7. You will set up your complete LivePlan Business Plan in approx 8 Hours. NOTE: You will need to purchase a LivePlan License For this training - see options below...
See Two Options Below
Quarterly Business Planning Workshop

LivePlan Quarterly Business Planning Training.

NOTE: You must have completed The 'LivePlan Induction Training' prior to attending any of these Quarterly Planning Training Days
This LivePlan Business Planning training updates your existing LivePlan Business Plan. These are conducted every quarter, and are delivered 'Live' via a Zoom Meeting Training room.
See Next Training Dates

LivePlan Induction Training - You Need A LivePlan License!

To conduct our LibAbun LivePlan Business Planning training you need to have a LivePlan License. You can purchase one at a discounted rate from LibAbun, when you purchase the overall LivePlan Planning Online Training below. 

Alternatively, you can purchase a LivePlan License at full price from LivePlan.(See options below) You may also already have purchased your own LivePlan License. Then, you only need to purchase our LibAbun LivePlan online training.

Two Options To Purchase LivePlan Business Planning and License

Purchase a discounted license from LibAbun

Certified Expert Advisor LivePlan Milton KeynesLibAbun are ‘LivePlan Certified Expert Advisors’. This means we can obtain a license for you at a discounted rate of just £8/month+VAT.

In addition to getting a discounted monthly LivePlan subscription, we also provide you with our LibAbun Liveplan template. This is designed precisely too align with our LibAbun Liveplan online training. Our LibAbun LivePlan business planning template contains the following;

  • A set business planning methodology that focuses on ‘double-digit’ business growth, year on year;
  • More detailed instructions how to correctly set up your plan;
  • 3-Year Business and Personal Goals template;
  • Detailed Quarterly Planning template including quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily planning guidelines;
  • Examples of Key Result Indicators you should use;
  • Preset chapters and titles.
See below a sampler training video from our LibAbun LivePlan online training...

Purchase Your Discounted LivePlan License plus the LibAbun LivePlan Online Training

£ 49 One-off Cost+VAT
  • Get a discounted LivePlan License of £8+VAT, charged monthly in advance. This is additional to the £49 online training fee.
  • LivePlan Business Planning online Training. Set Up your business plan in 1-Day
  • 7 Lessons, including 37 topics and 3 hours of video training
  • Get access to our Libabun Liveplan online training group forum
  • Get extensive email support and training reminders
  • Develop your business planning skills and discipline.

Purchase a full-price license from LivePlan

Alternatively, you could take the more expensive route and buy your LivePlan subscription direct from LivePlan.

This will mean you will not get our LibAbun LivePlan business planning template. You will not get access to any of the templated features LibAbun is offering in our template.

If you purchase our training course below, you will still get access to all the training and tips we provide you. You just wont have our LibAbun Liveplan template uploaded into your LivePlan license account.

We strongly encourage you to buy your LivePlan License from Libabun to get our template.

If you have already purchased your Liveplan License this training option below is the correct option for you.

Purchase just the LibAbun LivePlan Online Training

£ 49 One-off Cost+VAT
  • Note: for this package, you must have already purchased a LivePlan Business Plan License from LivePlan
  • LivePlan Business Planning online Training. Set Up your business plan in 1-Day
  • 7 Lessons, including 37 topics and 3 hours of video training
  • Get access to our Libabun Liveplan online training group forum
  • Get extensive email support and training reminders
  • Develop your business planning skills and discipline.

What Businesses Is LivePlan Business Planning Suitable For?

Our LivePlan Business Planning Training is suitable for every business. It doesn’t matter if you are a Start-up business or you have been running now several years. Every business can maximise its focus and results by developing and implementing a Business Plan for the next 1-3 years.

We all know that every business SHOULD have a business plan, however there are many types of planning. Five-year plans, strategic business planning and many more. Most of these aren’t suitable for Small Businesses. However, ‘LivePlan’ is “Perfect”, and it integrates with your Xero or QuickBooks accounting software. This empowers you to plan and manage your goals and your actual financial numbers.

Getting Started With LivePlan Business Planning Induction Training

During our LivePlan online training you will be set up on Liveplan and connect it with your online Accounting software. We will then run you through several different modules to set up and develop your business plan foundations, stage by stage. This is an ‘on-demand’ training available to you 24/7. The training comprises of approx 3 hours of video training broken down to 7 lessons. Plus you will invest an additional 4-5 hours developing your plan. Total time approx 7-8 hours. You also will get access to our Liveplan business planning group forum on our LibAbunLAB training site.

Once you have set up your business plan, we will then show you how to use it to correctly manage and lead your business. Our business plans forecasts out normally for three years to help you create a clear vision. Yet, we are operationally only focused on your business plan, for this year and in particular the next quarter (90 days). That is why we conduct ‘Quarterly Training Days’ online, every quarter. These update your plan every quarter to help you and your team stay focused and organised.

LivePlan Business Planning Dashboard

For your business planning to succeed, you need to know your goals. Your financial numbers are important to measure toward achieving your goals. You need to be able to see your progress in real-time. We use ‘LivePlan’ to do all these important business management tasks and more.

We are ‘LivePlan Certified Strategic Advisers’. We use this fantastic tool to give you multiple benefits as a business planning and automation tool.  The LivePlan business dashboard gives us the insights we need. Its in a format that’s simple to understand. We connect our ‘LivePlan software to your accounting software, like QuickBooks or Xero. You’ll get instant insights into your business.

We will teach you how to read and correctly interpret the dashboards presented to you. We work with you to advise you on the best strategies to help you achieve your business goals. This takes away all the ‘guessing work’ and puts you back in control of your business.

Be A ‘SMART’ Business Manager By Using Online Accounting Software Software Like Xero…

Online Accounting software, such as Xero, is very easy to use. It is extremely cost-effective (approx £25/month). This is a great tool to help you and any advisers you have to ‘stay on top’ of your business financial accounts.

The LivePlan tool integrates with both Xero and Quickbooks. It presents to you your business financials in graphs and formats that are easy for you to understand.  All our LibAbun Business Coaching and Training customers are taught how to use an online Accounting software with LivePlan. These tools are part of their Business Planning, to take back control of their business and manage it correctly.

Connecting Data with LivePlan Business Planning

Business Planning Dashboards In Just Minutes…

LivePlan Business Planning Dashboard

We know you’d rather be working to hit your goals than setting up your dashboards. We’ll ensure your LivePlan Dashboard connects directly with your accounting software (QuickBooks and Xero). This sets up your business dashboard automatically – no customisation or coding required.

Using spreadsheets to analyse your financials is painful. This often requires building complex pivot tables or toggling between multiple documents. Using the LivePlan Dashboard all that hassle goes away. We can show you how to quickly build visual reports. You get summaries that shows you what your financial data really means. All that, without the need of spreadsheets and you won’t need to be an Accountant to understand it – ‘Brilliant’!

Simple Business Planning Software That’s Easy To Use

Business planning, budgeting and forecasting

Business Planning Forecasting made easy

Our LivePlan tool takes the hassle and pain out of your business planning and forecasting processes. If you’re already using this accounting software, we’ll just have to ‘sync’ your accounting software. With the click of a couple of buttons, your data will be uploaded.   You’ll then have a complete forecast and budget in no time.

If you not using any online Accounting software, “No Problem” we can help you get on that too. We all should be on an online Accounting software. Most Governments are requiring businesses to have their accounts online within the next few years. As a result, you may as well get ahead of the game now.

UK Gov’t requires all VAT registered businesses to be online since March 2019

‘That’s is correct!’ The UK Government (HMRC) are requiring all VAT registered businesses to be on an online Accounting software, such as Xero, by March 2019. We are expecting that to also be the case, for all other Small Businesses not VAT registered, within 2-3 years.

Using online Accounting software such as Xero, is actually good for you as a Small Business Owner. It will save you time. You will increase your productivity. It will help you make better management decisions. Plus, it will actually help you track all sales, payments and profits too. So the sooner you start using an online Accounting software the better off you and your business will be.

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