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LibAbun's Signature Solution Is Our 5 Business Success Platform Services

Elevate Your Business To New Heights With Our Business Success Platform (BSP) Educational Services

With our Business Success Platform (BSP), you'll gain more knowledge and skills on a suite of five 'Essential Office' tools and services that propel your business forward. Say 'HELLO' to efficiency, growth, and success— 'ALL' from one place.

Our Business Success Platform(BSP) Service is a structured set of mentoring that is designed to be affordable for your current needs and yet produce profitable results for you as you grow your business. When you become a Business Success Platform customer, you take your first positive step forward, on a developmental path to ‘Achieving your Goals’. 

We also educate you on how to systemise and automate your business as you grow, ensuring you develop excellent business leadership skills and become a legacy-building icon for you, your family, and your business colleagues. If you are going to invest a whole lot of time and money over the years developing and growing your business, surely you want to be able to sell or remain a shareholder of the business when you’ve finished with it?

Our Business Success Platform(BSP) Service is totally Unique. We are 100% confident you will not find any other customer success platforms in the market that do everything we do for you, culminating in saving you time and money, whilst making you more money and becoming a more successful Business Leader.

How Does Our Business Success Platform Service Work For You...

1. Starting With Our Libabun All-in-One CRM For Small Business

Libabun All-In-One CRM

Are you ready to streamline your business operations, create more and better leads, take bookings and payments online, nurture customer relationships, and drive sustainable growth? 

Look no further than our Libabun All-in-One CRM for small business. This powerful tool centralizes your customer data, automates tasks, and empowers you with valuable insights. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to enhanced productivity and profitability.

“Our Libabun CRM works and scales for ALL types and sizes of Businesses. It really is an ‘All-in-One’ CRM and you get access to everything it can do from the Day you subscribe to our BSP Services.”

2. Our Business Coaching and Mentoring

Libabun Business Growth Coaching and Mentoring

Unlock the full potential of your business and achieve remarkable growth. Our Business Growth Coaching and Mentoring Services brings all our services together to focus on Results.

We are here to guide you on this journey through our Transformational and Transactional Coaching and Mentoring. We help ‘Transform People’ by mentoring and growing exceptional business leaders who can ‘Transact Strategies into their Small yet growing Businesses’.

With a wealth of over 1000 business strategies at our fingertips, we help you identify and implement the most effective strategies tailored to your unique business needs. We then help you learn and apply them successfully.

Our experienced coaches and mentors understand that every business and its respective Team are distinct. We take the time to thoroughly assess your business, your goals, and the opportunities to achieve them. 

From a vast pool of over 1000 strategies, we handpick the ones that align perfectly with your objectives, ensuring a customized approach to your growth journey.

Our experts will walk you through the chosen strategies, providing step-by-step guidance and actionable insights to successfully implement them in your business.

“At LibAbun, through our Coaching and Mentoring, we bring all our Services together to create results and achieve our LibAbun Purpose, which is ‘Building Better Businesses, Greater Lifestyles’!”

3. Plus Our Educational Website Design, Website Hosting & Website SEO Services

Libabun Website Design and SEO Services

We will educate you on Why you should have a Website and the fundamentals of Website Design and SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). This vital education will empower to manage and decide on vital Website developments as your business grows. 

At LibAbun, we believe that a strong online presence is the cornerstone of success in today’s digital landscape.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a website in place, our Website Design and SEO educational services are tailored to help you manage and elevate your brand to new heights.

Our Coaches and Mentors go the extra mile to conduct a comprehensive audit, ensuring that your website is finely tuned with the correct keywords, meta-tags, and all the essential Website SEO fundamentals, so that you know you are getting a great service from your Website development team or contractors

We’re dedicated to maximizing search opportunities for your target market because we believe that every business deserves to shine in the online spotlight.

“Let us educate you how to transform your digital presence into a beacon of success, connecting you with your audience like never before. We also integrate our Libabun CRM system with your Website and Social Media Channels to empower your business to capture more leads and drive more sales.”

4. Plus Our Social Media Campaign Management - for Organic and/or Paid Ads

Libabun Social Media Campaign Management Service

Unlock the full potential of social media with our Social Media Campaign Management service. Whether you are just doing organic posts and/or paid ads we can educate you on what you should do to get better results.

We not only help you set up your social media channels but also show you how to curate engaging content in bulk, manage posts, and execute targeted promotions weekly and monthly through our integrated ‘All-In-One CRM system that automatically captures leads.

Your Social Media Campaigns is fully integrated with your website and CRM system to offer seamless and automated lead generation.

Harness the power of social media to connect with your audience, improve reputation and trust and create more sales. 

We connect our LibAbun CRM system to your website and to all essential social media channels, creating a cohesive online presence that engages your audience across multiple platforms. Maximising Lead generation and conversion of those leads into sales.

“Capture Leads directly from Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s, Whats App, Google My Business Chat, WebChat, Facebook Lead Forms, Inbound Calls and Texts and follow up with them automatically! BOOM…” 

5. Plus Our Business Financial Mentoring Services

LibAbun Bookkeeping Service
Our Business Success Programme introduces top-tier Business Financial Mentoring Services designed to educate you how to read and manage monthly finance reports to help you focus on growing sales, cashflow, and profitability.
We help you focus on understanding that ‘Cash-flow is King’ in business. That ‘Profit isn’t Cash’ and we will share with you effective ways of bringing these concepts together to grow your wealth through greater business success.
Regardless how big or small your business is, You must have a Financial Strategy for your business cashflow and profits to make it work best for you and this strategy should be linked to your business operations. Speak with us to understand more.
“We help you manage your cashflow, profitability and stay in control of your numbers. We teach you how to manage your business finances and plan for financial success.”

Our GOLD STANDARD... '26-Week Profit Guarantee'

When you subscribe to our Business Success Platform Service we also give you our ’26 Week Profit Guarantee’.

We guarantee to increase your monthly gross profit by more than your monthly Business Success Platform subscription costs within 26 weeks or our Services becomes Free until we have achieved it.

Thats is our ‘Gold Standard’ Profit Guarantee. You just need to be able to cashflow your monthly subscription each month for a maximum of 6 months. During which we guarantee to grow your business to cover these costs. Win/Win.

“Most of our clients are growing by at least 50% year-on-year. Some are doubling their Annual Revenues and more than tripling their Profitability…”

LibAbun's 26 Week Profit Guarantee

Let us 'FOCUS' on your business growth needs so you can 'FOCUS' on your day job!

Now that's a 'Win/Win' Partnership...Apply Today!

Put Our BSP Services To Work Today, Save Money, Save Time, Real Results...

BSP Cost Benefit Analysis

Unlock Efficiency and Savings: Consolidate Your Needed Business Marketing and Sales Software and Many Of Your Office Services with Our All-in-One BSP Solution Today!


Total CRM System Value: In Excess of £1660/Month...Look What It Replaces...

Libabun SaaS Features Comparison Chart

But Wait...There's Even More Savings and Benefits From Our Other BSP Services...


Total Other Services Value: £313-£2139/Month
Save Massively With One Supplier...Grow More

Also Realise...The SAVINGS From Streamlining Suppliers...

Realise the fact that our Business Success Platform(BSP) Service REPLACES most (if not all) of the expensive software, you’re probably already paying for, or were going to need to pay for as you grow and scale up your business. We have now made it a lot simpler and cheaper to set up all these system and you get faster results dealing with one Supplier.

We have designed our BSP Services at each level as an affordable offer to you. ‘Cashflow is King’ in business and at Libabun we play win/win. All these services at each BSP Service level, scale up as you grow. Let’s consider and compare the amazing value on offer to you…

Your ‘All-In-One’ CRM System

Think about it. Consider what solid email systems cost. ActiveCampaign is a good example. Their most popular plan is $149 a month. And if you have more than 2,500 people on your list, it gets more expensive. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is about the same. They start out at $169 per month and that’s if you only have 1,500 people on your list!

Other software like Hubspot even offer you a Free version, yet as soon as you want to improve your systems the price soon goes up and up depending on the services you want to use and the number of contacts on your database.

And these services are great. They are 100% worth the money. Yet still, they don’t offer the comprehensive package we do.

A good funnel builder like Clickfunnels starts at $97. The pro version is $297. Solid page builders like Unbounce start at $90 a month and their cool version is $225. InstaPage is $199 a month.

And these tools are good. They’re worth the money!

Now consider what you pay for web chat. A great web chat service is Intercom and their cheapest package is $79 per month …and you have to pay annually!

Then think about messenger apps like ManyChat, scheduling software like Calendly, and two-way texting software like SlickText. They’re all really great but boy do the costs add up! If you factor in services like those you’re looking at an extra $200 per month …and that’s assuming you have a really small list!

Now think about video. Wistia, Vimeo, and other video players can cost anywhere from a few dozen dollars/pounds (if nobody watches your stuff) all the way up to thousands every month.

Our Libabun CRM hosts all your videos for you…and then follows up leads/customers accordingly! That’s another saving of hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) each month!

And what’s really great is it’s all under one CRM system.

Your Social Media Presence & Campaigns

Navigating social media can be daunting, but we make it simple. Our expertise in managing and integrating your channels translates into stress-free success for you.

Or you can arrange to do it all yourself. Consider the time and Expense for a moment. Take platforms like Publer and Buffer which are great platforms for Social Media Management. These cost typically $6-$12 per channel on a monthly subscription. When you start using several channels you can see the monthly subscription costs soon start stacking up. 

Also, consider the cost of your time or to pay someone else to create and manage these Social Media Campaigns on each of your Channels. 2-3 Posts per day is 60-90 posts per month per channel. Multiply this by 3, 5, 7 or more channels and you can easily see that this will quickly cost you many hours or hundreds a month to pay someone to do this for you.  

Now, Imagine your business thriving on every relevant social media channel, with us managing every post and campaign. Your brand’s voice, is amplified daily, reaching audiences far and wide. Compare that to what you are currently doing on Social Media. We don’t just post on social media; we connect it to your website and CRM. Every like, share, and comment is a potential sale, seamlessly funneled to maximize your opportunities.

With 2-3 daily posts crafted just for your business, watch as your social media becomes a magnet for engagement, attracting customers, and fostering loyalty. Every social media post is an opportunity. We make sure each one counts, drawing followers in and turning them into valuable customers.

Our integrated approach ties your social media to your website and CRM, creating a harmonious digital ecosystem that nurtures leads and drives sales. Your social media never sleeps. With our constant, tailored posting, your business stays top-of-mind, always engaging, and always growing.

Step into a world where your social media does more. More posts, more engagement, more connections – all leading to more growth for your business. We transform social media from a chore into a powerful business tool. Regular, strategic posts mean consistent engagement and consistent growth.

Implement Business Planning To Save Doing Things The Hard Way…

Most Small Businesses invest more time planning their their holidays than they do their business. That alone is costing them massively in lost Business development and growth opportunities. Approx 90% of Businesses fail in their first 5 years. Of those remaining, 90% of those will fail before their 10th year in business. 

So many of these businesses are underperforming and struggling, year to year because of a lack of effective Business Planning. The Direct costs to the Business Owners professionally and personally in lost opportunities and personal energy are massive. The cost and loss to its employees, customers, suppliers, and the Economy is also massive. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Imagine a future where every goal is within reach. Our Business Planning System turns that into reality, guiding you from yearly ambitions to daily achievements. With our system, every day is a step towards success. Break down your annual objectives into achievable daily actions, making success not just a dream, but a daily reality. 

It takes just 10-15 minutes to effectively plan every day; 20-30 minutes to effectively plan every week; 1-2 hours to effectively plan every month; 4-5 hours to effectively plan every quarterly; and a whole day to effectively plan out your next year. That doesn’t seem too hard when you read it, does it? Yet most Businesses haven’t implemented the correct systems, processes, structure, and culture to ensure Business Planning becomes a ‘Critical Success Element’ towards a sustainable and viable future for your business success. What is that costing you?

We don’t just plan; we target success. Our planning system helps identify and focus on key goals, making the path to achievement clear and straightforward. Feel the confidence of knowing exactly where you’re heading. Our Annual to Daily Plans provide a clear roadmap, ensuring you’re always on the right track.

Every big dream starts with small steps. Our planning system helps you make those steps count, turning daily progress into monumental achievements. Our system helps pinpoint the Key Performance Indicators that matter most, focusing your efforts on what truly drives growth.

Stay on track effortlessly with our structured planning. From monthly to daily plans, we ensure your journey towards your goals is smooth and steady. Transform your ambitions into action. Our planning system is your guide, turning lofty goals into manageable, actionable plans. 

Embrace a system where planning leads to performance, and performance leads to prosperity. Your success story starts with our effective planning strategy.

Business Mentoring & Coaching

Traditionally, many organisations still offering Business Coaching and Mentoring, have only provided advice and information on ‘What’ and sometimes ‘How’ to do develop your business. Most of these organisations, DO NOT offer you a ‘Done For You’ Service or even hold your hand and guide you through the development process.

This traditional approach, although costly on its own, typically ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand a month, still offers profitable results to Businesses. However, when compared to our BSP Service Package, traditional Coaching and Mentoring on its own, offers slower results and lower returns because you still need to coordinate with other suppliers the system developments and improvements, which also require an investment in time and money. For example; Coordinating changes to your website, marketing systems, etc.

Imagine the heights your business can reach with the right guidance as well as the added BSP services support. Our Business Coaching and Mentoring unlocks your potential, tailoring a selection of a few dozen strategies from a pool of over 1000 strategies to fit your unique journey. Don’t just guess; strategise for success. We help you choose the perfect development strategies from a vast array, ensuring they align perfectly with your business and industry. The cost of getting this wrong or doing nothing like this is an immense loss of opportunity cost going into six or seven figures.

Every great journey needs a map. Our coaching provides that map, guiding you through the complex world of business with strategies that lead to success. Your business dreams deserve to be realities. Our mentoring turns those dreams into achievable goals, with strategies that propel you toward victory. We also help you apply these developments through our range of BSP services saving you time and money.

Feel the power of making informed, strategic decisions. Our coaching instills the confidence to choose paths that lead to growth and success. Planning is good; executing is better. Our mentoring helps you put plans into action, using strategies that have been proven to drive profit and growth. Our BSP services then help you execute your plan driving quicker results.

Navigate your business journey with an expert by your side. Our coaches are more than mentors; they’re partners in your path to success. Let’s write your success story together. With our mentoring, your business isn’t just running; it’s thriving, growing, and achieving more every day. Make a profitable decision and subscribe to our BSP Service.

Take Action Today – Subscribe to our BSP Service…

Save yourself from having to duct tape and coordinate all these services with other suppliers and then dealing with the headaches of ongoing communication with multiple suppliers that come with doing that.

Also, realise…As good as all those other service suppliers may be, none of them have simplified your business model for you by providing a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ such as our BSP Service!

Not only are you saving money but you’re also saving time. You will also be shortening the time it takes to get results. You will massively develop your own business leadership and management skills. You’ll gain vast amounts of confidence and have ‘peace of mind’ you are in control of your business. You’ll better manage your cash flow and become a lot more profitable, sooner. 

Remember…we also scale our BSP Services to the needs and affordability of your business, so you can cashflow our partnership and we can guarantee you profitable results.

That is why subscribing to our BSP Service is a really easy decision.

All Our BSP Services For Less Than The Price Of An Administrator...

We bring many of your Business service needs under one BSP service. The synergies created through easier communication with us and the ‘results’ orientated focus from our whole team are phenomenal.

We are so sure of delivering ‘results’ through our Business Success Platform service, that we have ‘Guaranteed Profitable Results’ for you within 26 weeks or our services become Free until we achieve that.

“No tricks no ‘B.S.’! Just real results from our Business Success Platform and our team who are totally focused on your growth goals.”

You get 5 of our ‘Liberators’, who are real people, each a specialist in their field, working on your business daily. All these Business Success Platform services are supplied to you each month for less than the cost of an Administrator! Now that is a great investment.

"As a business owner, I’ve often focused too much time on getting the business, doing the work, getting paid and then forgetting about the customer! Since working with LibAbun, we have focused alot more on the customer relationship, website message, pricing structure and more importantly making sure the business works better for me. Highly recommended!"

We Scale UP Our Business Success Platform(BSP) Services As You Grow...

Start Up Programme

Businesses Under 50k Annual Sales
£ 295 Monthly
  • LibAbun 'All-In-One' CRM
  • Social Media Management Campaigns
  • Business Growth Coaching & Mentoring
  • Fortnightly Online Group Meetings
  • Quarterly Business Planning Day
  • Graduate To Mastery Programme >50k

Mastery Programme

Businesses Annual Sales 50k-150k
£ 495 Monthly
  • LibAbun 'All-In-One' CRM
  • Social Media Management Campaigns
  • Scale Social Media as Business Grows
  • Business Growth Coaching & Mentoring
  • Fortnightly Group Meetings
  • Quarterly Business Planning Day
  • Graduate to Leverage >150K

Leverage Programme

Businesses Annual Sales 150k-300k
£ 995 Monthly
  • LibAbun 'All-In-One' CRM
  • Social Media Management Campaigns
  • Scale Up Social Media as Business Grows
  • Business Growth Coaching & Mentoring
  • Monthly Mentoring/Training Day
  • Monthly Accountability Call
  • Quarterly Business Planning
  • Graduate to Growth Programme >300k

Growth Programme

Businesses Annual Sales 300k - 1 Million
£ 1495 Monthly
  • LibAbun 'All-In-One' CRM
  • Social Media Management Campaigns
  • Scale Up Social Media Campaigns as Business Grows
  • Business Growth Coaching & Mentoring
  • Monthly Mentoring/Training Day
  • Monthly Accountability Call
  • Quarterly Business Planning
  • Graduate to Scaling Up > 1 Million

Scaling Up Programme

Businesses Annual Sales Over 1 Million
£ 1995 Monthly
  • LibAbun 'All-In-One' CRM
  • Social Media Management Campaigns
  • Scale Up Social Media Campaigns as Business Grows
  • Business Growth Coaching & Mentoring
  • Monthly Mentoring/Training Day
  • Monthly Accountability Call
  • Quarterly Business Planning
  • Finish Programme when You No Longer Feel Your Getting Value!