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Our Business Growth Agency Services Help Build: 'A Better Business' 'A Greater Lifestyle' 'Better Marketing Strategies' 'More Sales Revenue' 'Better Business Systems' 'More Automation' 'More Gross & Net Profit' 'A Professional Team' 'Greater Autonomy' 'Your Businesses Value'

We Build Better Businesses, Greater Lifestyles.

We ‘GUARANTEE’ to make you more profitable too!

Step 1 + Step 2 = 'A Better Business & Greater Lifestyle'

Step 1: Choose Your Libabun Marketing & Sales App

Step 2: Select Your 'Add-On' Support Services...
choose none, some, or all of them.

Website Leasing Design & Lease

From £20/month
  • Our unique agency service offers you a website design and lease at a much lower initial cost to your business.

Website Hosting & SEO Support

From £15/month
  • You can choose either just our website hosting package or include one of our SEO Support packages.

Social Media Management

From £69/month
  • Set up your Social Media channels & develop then manage your campaigns so you are making 2-3 posts/day/channel.


From £42/month
  • We will reconcile your Transactions into your online accounting software every week, keeping your Finances up to date.

Business Planning

Just £49/month
  • Implement a Business Planning system that includes an Annual, Quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily plans including KPI's.

Business Coaching

From £149/month
  • Four different coaching programmes designed to help you sustainably and profitably grow your team and business.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"As a business owner, I’ve often focused too much time on getting the business, doing the work, getting paid and then forgetting about the customer! Since working with LibAbun, we have focused alot more on the customer relationship, website message, pricing structure and more importantly making sure the business works better for me. Highly recommended!"
Nick White Wentworth and Jeffries Plumbing and Heating
Nick White
M.D. - Wentworth & Jeffries Plumbing and Heating
"I have been using LibAbun Business Coaching services for about a year. The knowledge of business systems and automations is a real benefit that helps streamline your business and processes. Thanks LibAbun
Darren Murphy Inner Create
Darren Murphy
Inner Create Architects
"We have worked with Libabun for nearly a year and they were fantastic in helping us create a positive working environment giving all the team a forum to have a "wifle". I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Libabun to anyone wanting to both improve them self or their team. Thanks for all the support."
Edward Chelton Brown
Edward Chelton-Brown
Director Chelton Brown
For the last 12 months your business expertise and mentoring have been invaluable. Looking forward to working with you for the next 12 months.
Steven Pyefinch
Steven Pyefinch
Business Owner & Property Developer