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Neil Sinclair – Biography

Neil Sinclair Founder of LibAbunBio Quote Image NSNeil Sinclair is a successful Business Entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people create an abundant lifestyle.

Neil helps you achieve this by Coaching and training you how to develop a successful business. Once you have achieved this, you have more options.

Neil’s ‘Mantra’ is to ‘Buy, Build & if you want to – Sell Businesses.’

Neil Sinclair has been a Professional Business Coach and Business Investor since 2001. 

Through Neil’s combination of skills in Business Coaching, Business Investing and Business Consulting, he offers a very valuable and unique set of skills. This means Neil has practicle experience to rely on for the many Business Owners wanting to hire him as a Business Coach or Consultant.

After ‘Serving 19 years in the Military’, Neil retired in 2001. Since 2001, Neil has purchased, built, then sold four companies, selling each business for a profit.

At the same time Neil successfully coached over 350 businesses in a vast scope of different industries, so Neil is very familiar with the attributes, dedication and disciplines needed by people to grow successful companies.

Office Based In the United Kingdom, Yet We Work With Businesses Globally.

Born and raised in New Zealand, but now living in the UK, Neil is the ‘Chief Liberator’ for the ‘LibAbun Business Growth Services and Training Team‘.

Before becoming a Business Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Business Coach or Consultant, Neil Sinclair served 19 years in the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

With strong personal values and attributes such as loyalty, honesty, Integrity, discipline, drive and enthusiasm, Neil progressed through the ranks from an Airman to become a Senior Officer.

Neil gained vast experience in a number of fields such as business coaching, personal training and coaching, training design and development, recruitment and personnel management.

During his military career, over several years, Neil also studied extramurally, after hours, toward a Business degree. In his final year of study, Neil was offered Military sponsorship to complete his Bachelor of Business Studies Degree at Massey University in New Zealand. He completed a Double Major in Advanced Strategic Management and Business Marketing and was commissioned as an Officer.

Neil left the military in 2001, to become a Business Coach. Although initially, Neil had to make some adjustment to his non-military career, within a few months, he became very successful winning global recognition as a Business Coach. Neil built then sold this business for a good profit within two years.

In 2003, Neil purchased a Franchise Master License for Business Coaching in the UK  and played an important role in growing and developing the Franchise throughout. After building up this business to over seven figures, he sold the Master License Business in the UK in 2014.

‘Work To Live – Don’t Live To Work’!

Neil Sinclair is committed to investing his substantial training, experience and strong personal attributes to help others achieve their primary aim in life.

Neil utilises his leadership, coaching and training skills, as well as his global network to provide exceptional results for his clients.

He see’s his primary role as a Business Entrepreneur and Coach, to be a ‘Liberator of Abundance’ helping people achieve greater success in life through growing successful business.

Neil has been married to his wife and ‘childhood sweet-heart’ Sally since 1985 and has daughters and grandchildren.  He has always been a “Family man” first and a business person second. He believes in “Working to live not living to work”. Neil has a very strong work ethic, but keeps your eye on the reason to get the work done and that is to have a better quality personal life. – Never sacrifice one for the other.