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5 Business Success Platform Services Frequently Asked Questions 'FAQs'

What Does LibAbun Business Growth Services actually do.

LibAbun are specialist in helping small businesses grow, automate and thrive. Our motto is “Building Better Businesses, Greater Lifestyles”. We achieve this through two primary services. The first is implementing our LibAbun ‘All-In-One’ CRM. This will help you grow and automate many facets of your business. The second services is a Business Success Platform (BSP) services which includes the Libabun CRM, plus Coaching/Mentoring, Virtual Assistant support, business planning, Social media marketing and more. These primary services are paid via a monthly subscription.

What does your LibAbun Services Cost?

Our LibAbun CRM subscription fee ranges from £149/month for less than 3 team members to £399/month for unlimited team members. Our BSP Services, including mentoring starts from £295/month for business with less than £50K annual sales up to £1995/month for business with of £1million in annual sales.

What are your LibAbun ‘All-In-One’ CRM Subscription Levels?

We have 3 LibAbun CRM subscription levels. There is the Standard, Professional and Premium Subscription levels. All levels get access to every CRM Feature. Levels are determined by the number of users and/or contacts (Standard – limited to 3 Users and 10,000 contacts, Professional – 4-10 users and 50,000 contacts, Premium – Unlimited Users and Contacts)

What Licenses and Costs are Covered with my BSP monthly fee?

Your fixed BSP monthly fee covers the following;

  • Your Monthly Subscription for our Libabun CRM
  • All LibAbun VA team labour and support services;
  • All post setup, ongoing daily CRM management support and any team CRM training;
  • All Social media marketing activities (except paid for advertising) and labour are covered;
  • Your Business Planning System all costs are covered
  • Your Business Mentoring and Coaching meetings and support (Any agreed Team Trainings not included).

Are there any additional costs?

There is a ‘Set-Up Fee’ that is equivalent to ‘1-months Subscription’ and the Fixed Monthly Subscription Fee, which doesn’t start until the set-up is complete. When using our Libabun CRM, there is a very small charge for Emails, text messages, and other digital transactions. For example Texts are approx 2 pence and 1000 verified emails are approx £1. If you agree to pay for any Social Media advertising or Google Ads, you will need to pay for these in addition to your fixed subscription monthly Fee. (This is only an option and is not compulsory to conduct paid advertising).

Do you have a minimum contract or subscription term?

No we don’t. We do have a ‘Rolling monthly agreement’ which automatically renews every month, yet you can cancel at any time. We don’t tie you into any medium-to-long term contracts. LibAbun believes you will want to stay with us for as long as you feel you are getting value. All subscriptions are paid monthly, in advance, via credit or debit card and are non-refundable. For all our BSP services we do offer you a ’26 week’ profit guarantee. This means we expect you to allow us the first ’26 weeks’ to improve your monthly gross profit by more than your fixed monthly fee. This will make your investment in our business growth services a profitable one. Our Guarantee is not applicable to businesses only subscribing to our LibAbun CRM service.

Can we upgrade of downgrade the use of your services?

Yes you can upgrade of downgrade both our LibAbun CRM Subscription and our LibAbun Business Success Platform services whenever you like.