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Business Success Platform Services 'FAQ's

Are these services available as separate services?

Short answer: 'NO'. The reason for this is because the synergies we create by combining all 4 services as one provider is where we create much of our value to guarantee you profitable results. This requires a coordinated approach to your business growth through each of these services.

Who are the 'Liberators'?

Our 'Liberators' are trained Libabun team members who specialise in their field. We have CRM Liberators trained to use, advise and train others how to use ServiceM8 or Keap CRM Systems. There are 'Website Liberators' who are trained Website Specialists. We have 'Social Media Liberators' who are also trained to use each of the Social Media Packages we use. Additionally, there also are 'Accounting/Bookkeeping Liberators' who are Certified Accountants or Bookkeepers. Both these trades are also certified to use and advise others in using the Xero Accounting Software.

How do the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Packages Differ?

The Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages receive exactly the same range of services. However as the size of the business grows, the amount of work our 'Liberators' need to do to correctly support each business also increases. For example, the number of job entries and financial transactions each month a Gold Package business conducts compared to a Bronze or Silver Package Business is significantly more. This requires much more work and coordination from within our 'Liberators' team and with our client. Hence the different priced packages based on the size of your annual turnover.

What Licenses and Costs are Covered with my monthly fee?

Your fixed monthly fee covers the following;

  1. All LibAbun Liberator team labour and support for all 4 business success platform services;
  2. All post setup, ongoing daily ServiceM8 management support and any team training;
  3. Annual Elementor Pro WordPress License;
  4. Website Hosting and Backup;
  5. All website optimisation labour and amendments are also covered
  6. All Social media marketing activities (except paid for advertising) and labour are covered;
  7. Xero Accounting Software License monthly Fee;
  8. All Bookkeeping costs to conduct all your weekly data entry is covered by your monthly fee;
  9. All Accounting costs are also covered by your fixed monthly fee. This includes monthly financial reports, payroll activities, any VAT returns, annual tax returns and personal tax returns for any shareholders/owners of business;

Are there any additional costs?

Other than the 'Set-Up Fee and the Fixed Monthly Fee, which doesn't start until the set-up is complete; There are no additional costs from LibAbun for our Services.

You will need to purchase and pay for your own ServiceM8 or Keap CRM License. You can pay this monthly or annually. There are four different options and because of this variable monthly amount we require you to pay this separately yourself. We will set you up on ServiceM8 and manage your License for you.

If you agree to pay for any Social Media advertising or Google Ads, you will need to pay for these in addition to your fixed monthly Fee. (This is only an option and is not compulsory to conduct paid advertising).

Is there a fixed term contract?

Short Answer - 'Yes'. There is an initial '26 week' contract period to give us the time to honour our '26 week' Profit Guarantee. After this initial period you will be a on a rolling monthly agreement with us. You can then leave whenever you like. However, we know you will want to remain in our service partnership for as long as you are getting value. If your getting value why would you ever want to leave a great partnership?

Remember, we do offer you a '26 week' profit guarantee. This means we expect you to allow us the first '26 weeks' to improve your monthly gross profit by more than your fixed monthly fee. This will make your investment in your business a profitable one.

If there are any issues, how do I raise them?

Should you have any issues or questions about our service, your first point of contact, will be through your respective 'Liberator' for that service. If you are not happy that the issue has been addressed you can raise it with their Service Manager or directly with Neil Sinclair the Founder of LibAbun. Either way it will always be addressed.