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Our Business Growth Coaching Focuses on Two Business Development Models For Sustainable Growth

Model 1: Our Six Libabun Business Development Categories

Libabun Business Growth Methodology

Six Business Development Strategy Categories

1. Business Purpose

Get clear on your Business Purpose including what your Vision, Mission, Core Values and Culture will be. Once you have clarity on these, you’re in a great place to recruit, train and lead a team totally aligned in your Business Purpose.

2. Business Strategy

To grow and fulfill your Business Purpose, you are going to need to develop the right Strategy and that is also going to require a Business Planning System. Strategy is all about keeping one eye on the ‘Bigger Picture’ whilst you manage your day-to-day activities. 

3. Business Growth

Using the Using the Compounding Business Growth Formula 8 different growth Criteria to help grow your numbers in your business. Set Targets and KPI’s to sustainably improve results from every strategy and grow. We have over 500 strategies to select from.

4. People

If you are to grow your business beyond just you, you will need to develop your Leadership and Management skills to inspire and lead first yourself and others as well. Great leadership and management creates great results.

5. Operations

Get more efficient with your day-to-day Operations by having an operational development plan. Implement as much automation and business ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ – SOP’s as possible. Want more autonomy, develop more automation and systems.

6. Financing

Recording and Reviewing your numbers is the language of business. You have to learn to do this weekly to and automate it as much as possible to win the ‘game of business’ Your Cashflow and sustainable growth depends on you correctly managing your numbers.

Model 2: The Compounding Business Growth Formula

Compounding Business Growth Formula

Eight Business Growth Strategy Criteria

1. Lead generation strategies

We have over 70 lead generation strategies to help you grow the number of leads in your business. As a result, our business coaching will help you select the best strategies for your business.

2. Lead to prospect conversion rate strategies

Now you have a lead, you have to convert them into a prospect! Consequently, we have over 40 business growth strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching to convert more leads to prospects.

3. Prospect to customer conversion rate strategies

Once you have a prospect in your sales pipeline, now you have to convert them into a customer! Reassuringly, we have over 50 business growth strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching.

4. Customer average value sale strategies

We have over 50 Average value sale strategies to help you get customers to spend more each time they buy. As a result, our business coaching will help you select the best strategies for your business and grow this number.

5. Number of transactions per customer strategies

Get your customers coming back to your business and buying from you more often! To help you do this, we have over 70 ‘number of transactions per customer’ strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching.

6. Gross Profit Margin strategies

Improving your Gross Profit Margins is key to getting your costs and prices right! To support your needs, we have over 30 gross profit margin strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching.

7. Net Profit Margin strategies

Increasing your net profit margins is vital to keeping your operating costs under control and improving your net profitability. As a result, we have listed over 50 net profit margins strategies available to you within our business coaching and training programs.

8. Monetary Conversion strategies

It’s all about putting more money into your pocket. It may surprise you to read Profit is not cash! This means, you need to be aware of the best ways to turn your profit into actual cash in your personal pocket. We have over 30 strategies listed to do this.

A Business Coach will then help you choose a selection of the best strategies for your business from hundreds of business growth strategies to grow, automate and thrive in business!

500+ Business Development Strategies

Five Business Coaching Programmes Tailored For Your Growth Needs...

LibAbun Business Growth Coaching

Different-sized businesses all have their own growth challenges. Yet Businesses of similar sizes, regardless of the Industry, usually have similar growth challenges. This is why over the last 20 years we have developed and implemented four different Business Coaching Programmes to cater for the needs of different size Businesses;

  1. ‘Start-Up Coaching’ – Businesses Under £50k annual revenue;
  2. ‘Mastery Coaching’– Businesses under £50k-150k annual revenue;
  3. ‘Leverage Coaching’ – Businesses with £150k-£300k annual  revenue;
  4. ‘Growth Coaching’ – Businesses with £300k-£1 million annual revenue;
  5. ‘Scaling Up Coaching’ – Businesses with over £1 million annual revenue

We Use Our Two Models & Our Business Coaching To Deliver A Cast-Iron Profit Guarantee To All Our Clients

A great Business Growth Service doesn't just talk about business growth strategies and results - they help you deliver them!

Our LibAbun Business Growth Service Agency will educate you and help you apply the best business growth strategy options for your business. This means, we will coach, train and help you apply these business strategies into your business.

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