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Finally A Fresh Approach To Business Networking…

Have you done any Business Networking at all? If so, you’ll know that ‘traditional’ Business Networking that focuses mainly on lead generation and referrals, although helpful, is simply not enough to be successful in business these days. There’s so much more to learn and do!

We understand that being a Small Business Owner can sometimes feel a lonely and overwhelming responsibility. We also realise that Small Business Owners and their team have so much to learn and do!

At LibAbun-BEN we have spent many months working on a new Business Networking model.  Our new Business Networking groups will support you as a Small Business to overcome all these challenges and focus on helping you to learn how to grow, automate and thrive in business!

“We have combined the traditional Business Networking formats with a refreshed Business Education Networking model that we believe will be a real ‘disruptor’ and transform the business networking and coaching and training market.

We are launching our new Groups commencing 10th July 2018, firstly in Milton Keynes, then in Northampton, Bedford and Wellingborough. After these, we will be expanding initially Nationally in the UK and internationally. We are seeking area developers to promote and grow the groups as a full-time business model in your local area.

Watch our Introductory Video on ‘LIbAbun-BEN Business Educational Networking’ below…

‘LibAbun-BEN’s purpose is to help Small Businesses grow, automate and thrive’


Would you like a better focus, more guidance and collaborative support from like-minded Business people? Would you like more support to take more control of your business and to focus on how you can grow it without over-stressing yourself?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions or even if we got you ‘wondering’ if you could really do that? We invite you to register to be our guest at our next Business Networking Group meeting. Come along to find out what it is all about and if it is something for you. It will only cost you £15 to come along. Simply click on the ‘Register To Be Our Guest’ button.

How Is LibAbun-BEN Business Educational Networking different from traditional networking?


LibAbun-BEN’s primary purpose is ‘Business Education to help you grow, automate and thrive in business. Our LibAbun-BEN weekly meetings have an agenda (see below) that is designed to look at your business as a whole entity. This is a vast difference in comparison to traditional business networking that just did marketing for leads and Sales from referrals.

In addition to the LibAbun-BEN weekly meetings, every member gets access to our LibAbunLAB online business educational portal.  Our portal contains your personal profile and dashboard; it has hundreds of business development videos for you and your team to watch and learn from, including Aligning your personal and business goals, and a complete Small Business Planning module; it has online forums to discuss the concepts covered in the videos and so much more….”No traditional Business Networking groups offer anything close to this in comparison!”

Our LibAbun-BEN Weekly Meetings Agenda.


Our LibAbunBEN weekly meetings are 2 hours in duration;

  1. Welcome by Group Chairperson
  2. 30 Minute Business Education/Discussion slot
  3. 1-minute Introduction by members and guests
  4. 10 minute Member speaking slot
  5. In pairs – 15 minute Planning/Accountability Coaching from today’s activities
  6. Referrals, Testimonials or Declaration of Business Won from referrals
  7. Meeting Finishes.

Our LibAbunLAB online business educational portal offers you and your team real strategies…


Outside of your weekly LibAbun-BEN Business Networking meetings, you will get access to ‘hundreds of business educational videos’ in our LibAbunLAB online business educational portal. On this portal, we share with you over 400 business development strategies and an appropriate structure for you to choose the best strategies for your business. You and your team can watch these videos in your own time to learn everything you need to learn to grow, automate and thrive in business.

We have a development team, who are working as you read this, to develop more and more online courses for you and your team to have access to. This will be an ongoing development because as we know there is always change and new things in business to learn.

As a LibAbun-BEN Member, you get complete access to the LibAbunLAB and there is no extra cost for any of the courses for the LibAbun-BEN members!

Examples of the LibAbunLAB Courses below…


Fantastic Value For You & Your Business….

‘Yes’ we offer you all that and more, so hopefully, now you are starting to see how we are transforming business networking with a ‘holistic approach’ to business development.

What would it be worth to you to see your business growing fast each year and you felt totally in control doing it? What’s it worth to you to have access to a ton of resources that offer you and your team the training, infrastructure and systems you need to know about to grow your business?

As a Small Business Owner, you no longer need to sometimes feel it’s a lonely and overwhelming responsibility. We offer you the best infrastructure to help you develop the right knowledge, skills and attitude, so you too can achieve a lot more through your business!

Take a look at our LibAbunLAB site and you can even register on there for a Free Trial just for access to the LibAbunLAB. No credit cards are needed to do this.

“People are paying Coaching organisations thousands of pounds a month to do all this!”

Now In case, you were wondering how much it is to be a member of the LibAbun-BEN Business Educational Networking Groups. Is just £69+VAT per month…and no annual contract!

That’s right…no commitments for the next year or even the next quarter! We believe in delivering value to our customers and community. So, unlike most other networking groups, we put you on a ‘rolling monthly’ agreement and you pay monthly. If you are getting value from our LibAbun-BEN Groups you’ll want to stay, if you are not, then you’ll want to leave, so you can leave. We believe that is the best way to do business and build trusting relationships.

So come along to our next business networking group meeting in your area. To find out all the details click on the ‘Register To Be Our Guest’ button below.

I hope to see you soon at one of our LibAbun-BEN Business Educational Networking Groups.

Neil Sinclair - LibAbun

Neil Sinclair – Founder

LibAbun.com, LibAbun-BEN and the LibAbunLAB