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Business Expenses Checklist

Save £600-£1200 with this simple checklist

Most Accountants are too lazy to check with you what other expenses you could be claiming back to minimise your tax! When we go through this business expenses checklist, we normally save the client between £600-£1200! Download this checklist and book a free 30-minute UK Expenses audit with one of our team.

Business Expenses Checklist

FREE Business Expenses Checklist

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See An Overview of Ltd Company Expense Claims

We will save you money through this business expenses checklist. If you are looking for an Accountant who you feel is looking after your interests first and not the taxman’s. You’ve come to the right place. It’s a good thing to be paying taxes – just pay the minimum amount of tax necessary. We are here to help you…

Business Expenses Checklist - Some additional Perks from Business.

You may be missing out on some real savings for you and these are ‘Perks’ – legitimate expenses, you can claim through your business. Some of the less obvious expenses in our Business Expenses Checklist, that are commonly overlooked are;

  1.  Gifts and Trivial Benefits – Up to £300 annually per employee, yet not more than £50 at a time. If as a Director you are also an employee you too can use this!
  2. Christmas Parties and Staff Events – Up to £150 per person annually. This includes employees and their partners – £150 each! This could also be 3 events during the year at £50 an event.
  3. Pension Contributions – Many Business Owners do not contribute to their own Pensions and see their businesses as their Pension Scheme. SSAS Pensions (Small Self-Administered Scheme) are growing in popularity for Business Owners and are extremely tax efficient when used properly with the right strategy. This can literally save you tens of thousands of pounds over a small number of years.

Don't miss out! How Much work do you need to do for £600-£1200? Give us just 30 minutes.

Business Expenses Checklist...