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Let us Do Your Bookkeeping so you Can Focus On Your Day Job!

We save you time, We do it right the first time, No more Admin Hassles

We deliver our Bookkeeping Service on time, Every Time!
we guarantee It.

We aim to provide a great Accounting and Bookkeeping Service experience that gives you ‘total peace of mind’ and the growth you are seeking. We know that’s a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”, yet we know we can deliver ‘Wow’, so why wouldn’t we strive for such a purpose? 

We understand that even though you may be looking for someone to help you with your bookkeeping, that’s not what you really want, nor what you really need.

We understand that you don’t just want your bookkeeping done. You really want ‘total peace of mind’ that everything to do with your business accounts is taken care. That the bookkeeping is completed correctly on time, every time, and your business is growing so your accounts are looking healthier and healthier every month. 

Who wants to work with an ‘Average’ Accountancy and Bookkeeping Business that does just Tax Compliance; when you can work with a great one that focuses on Business Growth? 

Our Bookkeeping Service Uniqueness

Our uniqueness to be a world-beating Accounting and Bookkeeping service starts with all our work revolving around one key objective, helping you to achieve your business goals. When was the last time an Accountant or Bookkeeper actually asked you for your business goals for the next quarter?

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to earn a regular income from your business or to start growing it, we want to know your business goals, so we can support you every month in achieving them.

Our Libabun bookkeeping services are carried out by qualified members of staff (they are happy, friendly humans, not robots with no personalities).

They offer experience, consistency, and knowledge, and you will have a dedicated team member to conduct your bookkeeping. We may also raise questions with you about certain transactions that we might not have expected or seem out of the ordinary. We want to make sure your bookkeeping is hassle-free and seamless.

We will tell you every month when we have brought your bookkeeping up to date and when your monthly reports are ready to view. We will make sure you are fully compliant with all your bookkeeping needs and we will also advise you on howto grow your sales, cash flow, and profitability.

Why choose us to complete your bookkeeping?

our Team You Can Rely On

You’ll be assigned a personal Bookkeeper and an Accountant who will be your point of contacts for everything to do with your business.

We get it done, Get it right

Our team will collate and reconcile all your receipts, bank statements. personal expenses, payroll and any other necessary files every month.

Files Up To Date Every Month

It doesn’t matter what size business you are, we will bring your monthly bookkeeping up to date every month.

Regularly Reports Better Decisions

We will give you access to monthly business reports by the second week of each month for the previous month. We even teach you how to read and manage them correctly.