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Your WHY In Business


Your WHY In Business – When there is a ‘WHY’ there is an easier ‘Way’…

Your WHY in Business
LibAbun – ‘What Is Your WHY in Business?’

Many people have told me that I am very passionate about what I do as a Business Growth Specialist. They ask me “What is your WHY in Business?” Having been involved in Growing Businesses now since 2001, I am a Business Coach at heart. I am also a Business Investor having now bought, built or sold four different companies since 2001. I am also more recently a Business Angel.

What is important to me is not just ‘WHAT’ I do, but ‘WHY’ and ‘How’ I do it.

“Over the years, at the end of each day, I have found the most comfortable pillow at night is the one where I have a clear conscience”

WHY Your ‘WHY’ In Business Must Come From The Heart!


People often ask me ‘Why’ am I so passionate about ‘What’ I do. It’s a great question. I have to admit – when I first became a Business Growth Specialist back in 2001, I didn’t fully understand my why. Even though I was and remain very passionate about helping people in business, I hadn’t thought much about it. I was slightly ‘moving away’ from negative emotional issues in my previous Military career. Yet, in a major way, I was moving ‘towards’ more positive emotional benefits that were being offered to me in the Business Coaching Industry. It never really dawned on me the necessity to understand ‘Your WHY in business’. Perhaps you have had a similar experience? However, within a year my reasons ‘why’ I was part of the Business Coaching Industry had totally changed…

Your WHY in Business must come from the heart, it has to be something you are inspired about. My real passion came from three aspects of my life. My love for coaching people in both Sport and Business. During my Military Career, I also studied a Business Degree in Marketing and Strategic Management which further ignited my passion. Finally, I learned through my Military Career the importance of Business to all communities.

For example, at LibAbun, we have evolved to become a Business Services Support Agency. We have grown and developed the LibAbun Website Development service and our LibAbun Accountancy service. These two services work in unison with our LibAbun Business Coaching and Training service. Each service has the same ‘Why’, core values, and company culture. We are one!

‘WHY’ In The End – We All Have The Same Needs!


Let’s face it when the military gets deployed overseas, they are not usually going to the ‘Olympic Games’. They are going to because communities and people are in some form of conflict or trouble. During these times it is the Military’s primary role to basically achieve the Political aims of their own Government. We bring peace and stability to the area as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, all communities need to trade. Businesses provide products and services to our communities, jobs to the people and taxes and other infrastructure for Governing bodies too. Thriving businesses are so important to our modern communities on this planet!

How much thought have you put into the reasons ‘Why’ you are doing, what you are currently doing? Are you consciously aware, every day, in your primary daily role, how you make a difference? 

Here are some questions to help you identify your ‘WHY’. What are the emotional benefits to you from doing what you are doing? As you go through and identify the reasons ‘Why’ you are doing whatever it is you do. Make sure the benefits you come up with are truly emotional benefits and not just logical ones.

‘WHY’ We All Just Want To ‘Feel Loved & Connected’


To give you some examples here are my emotional benefits for being a Business Growth Specialist. I ‘love’ the concept of business and the opportunity of greater abundance. Business offers abundance to its owners, employees, suppliers, customers, and all their families when a business is lead and managed well. This ‘feeling of success’ and helping others succeed gives me a great sense of accomplishment, pride, and gratitude to be able to make a difference. After all, in the end, all we are looking for from successes is a feeling! Do you agree?

We have experienced great successes through coaching other business owners to achieve greater profitability in their businesses and after a while, work fewer hours doing it. In turn, these people display immense gratitude and achieve more abundance for themselves, their families, their team members, and their team members families. Seeing this amazing and positive transformation in so many people’s lives is emotionally uplifting us. Coaching and training people how to apply our business growth strategies and systems is an extremely emotionally uplifting experience for all concerned, including me.

As a result of delivering these experiences to our clients, we have achieved levels of income through our own business as Business Growth Specialists that has enabled our extended families to travel the globe and see the world on many wonderful adventures since 2001. This has enriched our extended families and my life in many ways, helping me feel a much more successful husband, father, brother, uncle and son in law.

WHY ‘Charity’ Can Be Much More Than Just Giving Money…


Being Charitable can be much more than just giving money. My wife and I have had the privilege of being in a position to support several charities over the years so we can help people in many ways. Yes we have donated money over the years, yet we have also cooked and served food in a Salvation Army Kitchen on Christmas day, we have done sponsored walks raising funds for charities, I have also coached a few charities for free for over a year as part of my commitment to help our communities. All of these experiences have allowed us to ‘Give back’ and to feel we are doing our bit to help the world be a better place.

Collectively these experiences are my ‘WHY’ – they all involve helping others in many ways and by doing that I feel I am loved and connected with the people I have in my life be they family, friends, business colleagues and sometimes total strangers…None of these experiences have happened by chance. I have had to plan for and work diligently towards every one of them, yet it is the emotional benefits from these experiences that have been the driving engine for me to do them.

Enjoying future results Now

Here is the best bit – I haven’t had to wait for them to happen to enjoy them! Once I have planned and committed to something I can start enjoying that emotional benefits of that event straight away! We get excited when we book a holiday don’t we? Even though we haven’t been on it yet. Well, the same is true with your Business too.

So what is your ‘Why’ for getting into your own Business? Think very carefully about these factors and make sure they are emotionally driven as these will be the powerhouse and drivers to your success in any business you undertake.

If you would like some guidance and a bit of a ‘helping hand’ to assist you to find your ‘WHY’ and more importantly ‘HOW’ to improve the quality of your Business Journey getting there. You can find out more and apply for a FREE ‘Business Growth Audit’ to access how to work ‘Smarter to achieve faster results’.