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The Best complete software for your Plumbing Business

Why Your Company Needs a Plumbing Business Software

Running a successful plumbing company requires the right people, the right knowledge, and the right tools to provide excellent customer service and beat out the competition. Pairing your business’ operations with plumbing software can give your team the advantage it needs to win more jobs, stay informed, get plumbers to assignments faster, and close out jobs easier.

If you want to impact your business’ productivity and profitability, invest in plumbing software. Give your company a much-needed boost.


Invest in Plumbing Software

When it comes to managing and operating your business, efficiency matters.  Streamlined scheduling and payment solutions make running a business easier.  They also demonstrate your customers that you are a professional business,  and values customer experience.

Plumbing software helps automating tasks. It saves time, allows faster business growth, and boosts revenue.

Instead of spending hours on tedious tasks such as invoicing and scheduling, you can now spend time on the more important aspects of growing your business.

You should not dwell on tedious tasks and spend a ton of time figuring out how accounting works. A plumbing software can reduce your pain and offer a simple solution for you to process payments, offer online booking, dispatch technicians and more. Plumbing software solutions are typically available for computers (Windows and Mac), tablets and smartphones.


What Makes a Great Plumbing Software?

Choosing the right software for your plumbing business can be complicated. You should consider pricing, features and more:

  • A user-friendly design and easy-to-learn setup
  • A customizable platform that can be tailored to fit your business needs
  • Ability to use in office (desktop) and out in the field (mobile/tablet)
  • Reliable customer service
  • Online booking – allows customers to book you directly online
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Employee GPS tracking – see where your techs are located
  • Automated marketing – follow up with customers after jobs to build a loyal customer base
  • Invoicing and payment – using technology to generate invoices and allow credit card payment
  • Reporting dashboard – the ability to see your plumbing company’s performance data online
  • Seamless integration with your accounting software


What is  SERVICEM8?

Servicem8 has all of the above!

It is a cloud-based field service management solution with landscaping business management capabilities which enables service businesses to schedule, deploy and manage all their field activities from a single solution.   It combines best-in-class technology, the power of the cloud, and smart job management systems and processes. With powerful communication, job dispatch, quoting and invoicing capability, and real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field, ServiceM8 streamlines the way trades and services businesses get work, complete work, and get paid.

ServiceM8 is designed to be used by everyone in your business, from each individual field staff member, to back office staff, through all levels of management. It is simple and effective, and best of all, it’s available anywhere, anytime.


Some of its great features:

  Field Service Management

  • Access all client and job details from the field, anytime, anywhere.
  • Access full history of work done, including notes, photos, emails, sms- anywhere
  • Use checklists and task lists to ensure jobs are done right the first time, every time
  • Take photos and record videos from within Servicem8 and they’re saved instantly to the job, forever.
  • Signature capture to record proof that your customer is happy to proceed w/ a job or pay for completed work
  • Virtually see where your staffs are in real time through the Dispatch Map feature, to stay in tune and make better decisions.
  • Integration Navigation: gives direction to the job site in two taps, Staff won’t get lost again.



  • Drag-and-drop scheduling onto the desired time and staff member. Instantly dispatch urgent jobs by simply dragging the job directly onto the desired staff member.
  • Employees are instantly notified of any changes to their schedule.
  • The Allocation Windows feature allows you to assign flexible jobs to a booking window rather than specific time.
  • Job Reminders are automatic alerts to remind you when to leave for your next booking. It even calculates travel time.
  • Booking Confirmations and Suggestions: Send clients email or text confirmation of their booking.   Servicem8 will suggest booking times, which take into account staff schedules and leave.


  Quoting & Invoicing

  • Create and manage quotes and easily turn these into invoices once the work is done.
  • Create professional invoices in seconds. Then email, text, or print them to your client while you’re still on site.



  • Mobile Credit Card Processing
  • Online Invoice Payment
  • Apple Pay support
  • Auto-Pay Recurring jobs



  Online Booking

  • 24/7 Online Booking System enable customers to book your services online. Customer can request a quote or service.  They can select a time and book it straight into your schedule.
  • Intelligent Quoting lets you teach servicem8 how you price your services.
  • Accept pre-payment as part of the booking process via card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay.


To know more about Servicem8, please read through our article on “Servicem8 and its Device Compatability”



Get Expert Help & Training

Libabun Business Services  is a partner of Servicem8.   We streamline your account setup and train you and your team on the use of Servicem8, plus add a lot of value in transitioning your workflows and matching your business requirements with the application’s functionality.

Our company aims to simplify your business and life as we are liberators of abundance.

We provide a Plumber Business Success Platform that brings many of your required business support services under one service provider.

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