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Tash Media Developments Polishes Up Its Own Business…

It does matter what Industry you are in, every business can gain and should take advantage of the opportunity to have a professional from outside their business, look-in to see what needs improving as far a enhanced business development!

That is exactly what Tash Media Developments has done. Tash Media Developments normally helps other businesses enhance business through the development of their website and social media strategies for business growth. They are a service based business and as such, saw an opportunity the have another service professional look at the way they are running their business.

Check out what Ryan Feeney from Tash Media Developments has to say about using the services and working with the LibAbun Business Coaching and Training Team.

See How Tash Media Developments Polishes Up Its Own Business Working With The LibAbun Business Coaching and Training Team…

Ryan Feeney has been working with the LibAbun Business Coaching and Training team for over a year now on one of our Group Coaching and Training programmes, which is specifically designed for small businesses with 1-5 staff (including the owner). Ryan and his team have achieved the following results working with the LibAbun Team:

  • They have clarified and redefined their business goals;
  • The business has gone from loosing money as a start-up business to making money;
  • They have much more focus and structure to ‘working on’ their business as well as their customers business;
  • Vastly improved time management and decision mastery as to what is urgent and important vs not urgent or not important;
  • They have a more systemised approach in their business which has been a life-saver to them;
  • Their mindset toward running a successful business has changed massively over a few short months;
  • They have achieved ‘peace of mind’ knowing the business is growing, it still takes work, but they now know where they are going and through the right work, they will achieve their goals.

If you would like to find out more about how you could achieve similar results, take better control of your business, grow it and achieve greater ‘peace of mind’ then simply fill out this short 10-minute ‘Business Growth and Profit Finding Audit’ on our LibAbun Website.