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Excellence Aviation Services Ltd – An Excellent MRO Business Model.

From Good To Great As An MRO Business Model

The main owner of a Small Aviation Services business wanted to improve his MRO Business Model (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul). It is fair to say when most Owners/managers of Aviation Maintenance businesses are thinking about this, they are predominantly focusing on the technical requirements of the business.

Fortunately for Colin Solley of Excellence Aviation Services Ltd, he thought outside the typical ‘MRO Black Box’ (sorry – couldn’t resist this pun). Colin looked at the option to work with a Business Coach, outside of the Industry, who could help him improve his overall Business focus. The results were spectacular.

A Basic MRO Business Model To Start With

Colin Solley is the Founder, owner, and Managing Director of Excellence Aviation Services Ltd, based in the UK. He started his Aircraft Maintenance, servicing Private Jet aircraft, through his expertise as an Aircraft Technician. Colin had a basic MRO Business Model, yet had big ambitions. Colin knew they offered a superb service, they just need to get more of the right people to know about it.

When Colin and his small team started working with us at LibAbun Business Coaching, they had ‘sub-let’ a small area of a hanger as service facilities based at London Luton and Farnborough Airports. It was fair to say that Colin was ‘Chief Cook and Bottlewasher’, yet at that time, he did have a small team of just three staff, including himself. These people would be very mobile and travel between their two sub-let facilities or anywhere else a customers ‘AOG’ had happened.

How Did We Change The MRO Business Model

When any business works with a Business Coach, there are very rarely any quick fixes. Changes in any business takes time to happen in an effective manner and the results of those changes can take a little longer to appear. Often when we are looking to improve a business, and in this case an MRO Business model. We are really focusing on training and educating the team and improving the business systems.

Most interesting is the changes we helped Colin make in his business. Ninety percent of the changes we made with Colin, were not technical based changes. Most of these changes were to do with Marketing, Sales, Customer Service follow-up, Employee/team management and fiscal management.

We did help Colin and the team focus on some technical related components of his MRO business model. Still, most of these were around ‘Service Level Agreements and Service Level Guarantees’, Aircraft part and equipment stock control, and their business infrastructure.

What Were The Results In This MRO Business Model

We worked with Colin for over two years, having weekly Business Coaching sessions with him. We Coached and adviced him in the development of his MRO Business model. Every week we would have a Business Coaching session together via a Video link. The transformation in Colin and his business during this time has been spectacular.  
There were many aspects of the MRO Business model we changed. Here are a few of them;
  • We significantly improved the business service level agreements and guarantees;
  • Massively improved their stock control, freeing up hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash;
  • Adjusted their pricing structure and service agreements to make their MRO business model significantly more profitable;
  • Improved their marketing strategies to involve a lot more social media promotion and better SEO through their website;
  • We helped Colin development the professional and flexible team he needed to supply a service that was ‘Excellent Aviation Services’;
  • Expanded the number of airports Colin and his team were offering their services from two to four, including London Luton, Kidlington, Stanstead and Farnborough giving them a more competitive edge;
  • The business was now making good profit levels and ready for a Sale or amalgamation with another company.

What Our Client Had To Say… 

Colin Solley, Managing Director of Excellence Aviation Services made the following comments:
“Things going well here. We have opened another base at Stansted, taking our bases to four. We are in final weeks of a buyout, which should be completed very soon. The Lawyers you referred to us are taking care of things and doing a great job. Thanks for the lead and referral on this.”
“We now have our own hangar, so all very exciting. In addition to the 5 extra staff we have hired, another new engineer is starting with us in the next few days with a further engineer as soon as we have found them. We can now offer a ‘4 on, 4 off ‘. team rotation, 7 days a week.  We also have a general manager to do the day to day running of the business freeing up my time even further.” 
“All thanks to you and your guidance over the last few years, much appreciated Neil.” – Colin Solley MD Excellence Aviation Services
This is wonderful praise from a client who implemented our strategy and advice and are now an MRO business model that has ‘taken off’ and really is flying!


Find Out How You Could Also Benefit From Business Coaching…

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At Libabun we help Business Owners and Managers discover and understand the benefit of working with a Business Coach. We do this by conducting a 2-Hour Small Business Audit which looks at your current business strategies and your current results. Next, we assess the options with you and offer you a myriad of improvements to achieve ‘real and sustainable’ growth. We also do this audit with you so that you get to understand how Business Coaching can work for you and your business.

You also get to see the competence of the Business Coaching team you are considering working with.  As a Business Coaching Organisation, we also offer all our clients a 26 Week Results Guarantee. So we want to make sure the business growth opportunities are there for you and we are confident we can help you achieve them.