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Change In Business – Don’t Get Used To It!


Change In Business – Don’t get used to it as the pace of change will only increase…



If you think the pace of change in business today is fierce and it’s difficult to keep up, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’, because when it comes to the current pace of change in business – don’t get used to it as the pace will only increase.

Change In Business
LibAbun Change In Business

“The rate of change we are experiencing today is slower than we will every experience it at any time in the future” – Jonathan MacDonald

If we consider the type of change in business during the last few years, almost every business has been affected in some way in the technological advancements made around the planet.

Whether we are talking about the introduction and advancement of social media sites; the advancement in internet technology for analysis and more inter-connectivity; or the advancement of green energy sources, be that solar energy, wind energy or more fuel efficient vehicles. Most, if not all businesses have been affected in some way shape or form.

A key question is ‘how important is it for you to keep informed with these changes in business?’ The answer to this will depend on two aspects. The first aspect is ‘How quickly your competitors are adapting to this change’. Hopefully you want to stay ahead of the competition! The second aspect is your personal comfort and desire to keep up with the pace of change in business, particularly in your industry and the overall general business development. Once you have answered this key question, assuming you want to keep up with the pace of change in business, the ‘BIG’ question is how do we keep up with all this change?

Before we can answer the ‘BIG’ question, we need to first take a look at and recognise the current reality of most small business owners.

Have You Set Your Radar To Look For Opportunities To Change In Business?


Having coached over 300 small businesses and spoken to thousands, I can confidently state that most small business owners are very busy working somewhere typically between 50-70 hours a week, usually doing a lot of ‘technical’ work in whatever industry they are in. If this is the reality, then small business owners are ‘time constrained’ and this makes it very difficult for these small business owners to actually attend events, courses and read updates that will help them stay ‘current’ with industry and general change in business.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, what can you do about better handling the pace of change in business?

The first and most important step to actually ‘keeping informed’ with the pace of change, is becoming aware and understanding how you are ‘making decisions’ on the use of your time on a daily basis. This is the most important step because, if you are going to make the time available to actually learn and review what changes are happening in your industry and in general business, we can’t make more time, we can only make smarter decisions in what we do on a daily basis. So making smarter more pro-active decisions is critical to freeing up some time.

Once we have found some time, we can then re-invest this time to attend Business Development Seminars or conduct our own education through reading books or reviewing material on the internet such as this blog or videos and other articles online.

You & Your Team Must Be Open To Change In Business


You and your team must be receptive too and welcome change in business, clearly for the better! Even though we naturally as human beings want to remain loyal to long serving team members, these team members have to be open to growing into and accepting an increasingly rate of change in business that will challenge many of us. If any Business has team members not offering that flexibility, then those team members will be ‘holding back’ the business they work in and indirectly offering any competition to get an edge over your own business.

So how do we encourage our Business Team to be open and receptive to change in Business. This starts with supplying them with the information to set their ‘Radar’ for change. Allow them to have Industry magazines in your work, get them to share industry articles and blogs from the internet, attend Industry exhibitions etc. Internally you can massively set the scene by holding ‘Change Meetings’ to discuss ideas on ‘What and How’ we could make improvements in the business. These examples will help you to keep up with the pace of change in business today and ensure that you and your business is staying toward the forefront of business innovation for your sector.

It’s not just your sector that you need to worry about either. Consider the pace of change in Social Media, online advice in financial reporting, Human Resource Management and many other ‘general business subject areas’. These advancements are offering major sources of ‘Leverage’ to businesses who adopt these advancements that add to quicken the change in business today. One of the best ways to keep up to date with these trends is to look to Business Growth Specialists who are more aware of these changes and how they can dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiencies in business, thereby improving results. If you would like to review what opportunities there are to improve and grow your Business, you can register for a Business Growth Audit, where we will review all the business growth opportunities for you and your business.

To see some of the thousands of examples of ‘Success Stories’ we have helped create through Business Coaching. Check out some of the Business Coaching Testimonials on the LibAbun Website which explain to you the positive change in business we have helped them to achieve.