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What's New in Elementor 3.0

  • Site Identity: For easily customizing the cross-site identity such as Logo, Title, Tagline, and even Favicon!
  • Global Colors: Setting an entire site’s color scheme with just one click!
  • Global Typography: Managing text styles in the smartest way possible
  • Layout: Define Elementor’s default layout settings like default content width or default page layout
  • Lightbox: Set all the default styling of Elementor Lightboxes
  • Theme Style: Global settings that allow creating default styling options for various elements, such as Backgrounds, Headings, Buttons, Images, and Form Fields

Elementor Features and Benefits?

Customize Every Part of Your Theme With Elementor Theme Builder

Theme Builder will get the spotlight if we start differentiating the Elementor free and pro version. With Elementor 3.0, they introduced the Elementor Theme Builder which works on any theme and gives you the freedom to design just the way you want. You can create Custom Header/Footer, Design Search, 404 Pages and also create templates that determine the layout of your site’s blog posts.

Get Access To Full Template Library & Save Times

You will get to choose from 300+ beautifully crafted templates, designed to fit every industry niche you might need. Furthermore, it comes with Theme Templates as well. Visually customize several templates on your site: your header, footer, single, archive, product and more.

Add Custom CSS & See Live Preview

If you are used to adding CSS for custom design, you don’t have to give up that habit. Even if you just need some custom CSS to enhance the functionality, Elementor PRO allows you to add custom CSS to anywhere and you can see the live preview.

Save Your Favorite Widget & Reuse It From Global Widgets

Global Widget set Conditions for it, which will stipulate exactly where your global templates appear across your site but you save the huge times anyway. Unfortunately, free users don’t have access to Global Widget and for this huge time-saving functionality.

Embed Anything Anywhere

Elementor Pro you can get the shortcode for any template and embed it anywhere on your website you want.

Make It Interactive With Dynamic Contents

Dynamic Pages like Blog pages have dynamic content. You will have different texts, media files and layout in different blog pages. Similarly, their relative sequence and positions will also vary from post to post. By using dynamic widgets, building dynamic pages is just as easy as building static ones.

Popup builder

Popup forms are a necessary tool. They will always be popping up on websites in order to collect information from the visitors. They help businesses collect details like the user’s email address, name, contact details, preferences, and likes.

Mobile Preview

You will be able to make changes and update the template from anywhere and at any point in time. It provides you with the much-needed mobility required for a WordPress page builder. This attribute reduces the issue relating to screen size issues and gives more opportunities to you.

Elementor 3 : Importance of having a fast and effective business website

Every business needs a website, no matter how big or small it is. A website will enable it to reach more clients — faster and in a more efficient way. This will, in turn, enable the business to grow and increase profits.

A business website is a website built with the aim of promoting a business – any type of business. It can be a restaurant website, a lawyer’s website, a gym website, a medical website or anything else. Its purpose is to provide information about the business, its services and the people who work there.

Apart from general information about the business, a website provides a good platform for advertising events and news.

Additionally, if the business happens to sell products or services online, the website can enable better, more efficient transactions via an online store.

Putting it all together, the main benefit of using Elementor is that you can create impressive page layouts/designs, even if you’re not a professional nor have any experience with website building. You just need to invest a few hours to develop a business website and include all the technical SEO requirements. Alternatively, you could get us at LibAbun, saving you the hassle and the time to develop a site. We’ll design your website specifically focused on your business goals.

Let us provide you with our managed website hosting service! We’ve got you covered whether you want to move an existing site to LibAbun Hosting, build a new site or if you want an Elementor WordPress Website!