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Website Design & Development

We’re not just any website development agency, we offer a website design and development service to help you spread the initial cost of your website and improve your cashflow! 

We also advise, Coach & Mentor you how to link overall business strategy to your website with your CRM system and Social Media Campaigns! 

Better still, we can do everything for you as part of our ‘Signature Solution’ which is our Business Success Platform(BSP) Services. We have five different levels of Service for different levels of Businesses development.

You will find our BSP Services very cost effective and affordable no matter what sized business you are. We are in business over 20 years and understand the development needs of every sized business. Our BSP Services are designed to do what we do best, support your growth, so you can do what you do best…”Focus on your day job”.

Website Design and Development Level

Basic Website

Typical for BSP 'Start-Up' Service Level
  • 'No Deposit' UpFront - thats right! Just your monthly fee.
  • No Long-term contract. Cancel with 30 days notice
  • Wordpress Platform
  • Free Elementor Pro License ($49)
  • Free SSL Ceritificate
  • You will need to pay for your URL .co.uk or .com address
  • 1 to 5 Pages on website
  • Sales Funnel Pages From CRM Integrated into Website
  • Website Hosting and SEO Support services included

Medium Sized Website

Typical for BSP 'Mastery' & 'Leverage' Service Levels
  • Everything in Basic Website Leasing package
  • 'No Deposit' Upfront - thats right! Just your monthly fee
  • No Long-term contract. Cancel with 30 days notice..
  • 6-20 Pages on Website

Large Website

Typically for BSP 'Leverage' & 'Growth' Service Level
  • Everything in Growth Website Leasing Package
  • 'No Deposit' Upfront - that's right! Just your monthly fee
  • No Long-term Contract. Cancel with 30 Days Notice.
  • 21-40 Pages on Website

Largest Websites

Typically for BSP 'Growth' & 'Scaling Up' Service Levels
  • Everything is Scaling Up Website Package
  • 'No Deposit' Upfront - thats right! Just your monthly Fee
  • No Long-term Contract. Cancel with 30 Days Notice.
  • Over 40 pages and/or 40 products

We Scale Your Website Design As Your Business Grows - Win/Win.

Our LibAbun business growth agency is brilliant at website development for small businesses because we offer a Website development service as part of our Business Success Platform(BSP) services portfolio. An even better, added value for our business customers is we will link your overall business strategy to your website design. Don’t just work with any Web developer, work with a website development agency, that specialises in supporting our Business Growth Coaches and Advisors in helping you develop and grow your overall business to achieve your business goals.

Your website also has to have all the backend ‘local and technical SEO’ covered for search traffic too. We provide this service as an all inclusive package. Most web developers don’t do this, where our Libabun Business Growth Agency does. We will even make sure you are correctly connected to Google Search Console and Google Analytics as well.

Finally, as a Business Owner, we will educate you on the fundamentals as to how your website works. You need to understand these website fundamentals so you can make informed decisions how to best use our services and we will develop your website. 

Our Website Design and Development options are a great way for you to afford to invest in a critical business asset, your website. This way you can afford to improve your website commitments as cashflow and profitability improves. Now that’s a win/win strategy.

  • Start With The End In Mind

    We will link your overall business strategy to your website development. If your website doesn't help you achieve your business goals, then why have one? Align your website with Strategy.

  • Responsive Website Design

    Our Website Support ensure intuitive user experience with a responsive design that speaks volumes.

  • Website Search Engine Optimisation

    We build websites according to your needs and requirements. From planning to design and execution. We also ensure your website will be found with the correct technical SEO for search traffic.

  • eCommerce and Application Integration

    Our website development services integrate well with all other existing services and platforms available in the business industry. If you are using any CRM we will link it to your Website too so they are integrated.

Libabun Website Design

Website Development Templates

Free Elementor theme License - (Value USD$49) for your website development if you subscribe to one of our Business Success Platform(BSP) Service Levels.

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