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Get a Free Website Audit completed by a member of our team here at LibAbunWeb.

We will check to make sure your Website is fully optimised for excellent rankings on Google Search.

We will look at your website speed to ensure it loads fast so you don’t lose people waiting for a slow site to load and so much more.

When we conduct an Audit on your website we will check:

  1. Your website page-speed score;

  2. Page Y-slow score;

  3. Website Fully loading time;

  4. Total Page Size that affects loading time;

  5. Your number of pages Indexed with Google for organic search;

  6. Website Keywords used for organic search

  7. Your website rankings for those Keywords;

  8. Number of Backlinks to your site;

  9. Your mobile compatibility;

  10. Which social media accounts its linked too;

  11. Meta Titles used;

  12. Meta Descriptions used;

  13. SSL Certificate;

  14. Are your images optimised;

  15. Sitemap correctly setup;

  16. And more…

Check out just a few of the websites we have worked on and some of the Website Templates that are available to you.

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