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Time Management Training Course



4250 Weeks on average - Learning To Respect The Time You Have Left...

TIME! – You cant stop it, control it, manipulate it, curve it, or even slow it down! What you can do is learn to respect it, whereby you realise it is a finite factor in your business and life! On average we currently live for approxiamately 4250 weeks. How many do you think you have left? How many more can you afford to waste?

Learn how to value where you focus your energy and the decisions you make to manage your day. Become a lot more productive and energised in both your business and personal life…

What Is In This Four-Week Training Course?

Module #1 – Week 1 – Learn To Value Your Time.

During this first week, we dive straight in to the stark realisation, just how much time we get to spend on this wonderful earth and what are the factors that you allow to affect you to ‘sap’ your time? We then show you how you can start being more productive, even in your first week.

Module #2 – Week 2 – Identifying Whats Important Vs Urgent.

This week we will continue to the analysis of ‘How’ you are focusing your Energy and efforts and focus on defining what’s ‘Important versus Urgent’. Now that we are getting a clear analysis of how you are breaking up your day, we can also now start to define some real Goals to identify how to more easily achieve them.

Module #3 – Week 3 – Aligning Your Daily Plan To Your Goals

During this week we will continue to record and review your daily activity. We will also now incorporate the concept of your Goals and effective Planning with the aim that our Daily plans contribute towards our Goals in some way.

Module #4 – Week 4 – Focusing On ‘The Important’ & Delegation versus Abdication.

During Week 4 you now are getting much better at how you schedule your day and work to your schedule. We will also heavily focus on the skill of ‘Delegation versus Abdication’ so you focus on working on the more important tasks. Your productivity will now dramatically improve.

The Full Four Week Course Contents

Here’s a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive Four Week Time Management Training course.

  • Get access to ‘Generalised Success Principles’ to get in the right mindset each day;
  • Learn the ‘Six Key Steps’ you must take to get a great return on Investment of your time;
  • Understand how to apply the ‘Five Key Skills’ required to master – Daily Self Management;
  • Get access to ‘Daily Time Sheet Templates that will break down your daily and put a value on your productivity;
  • Understand the Quadrants of Important versus Urgent and learn what quadrants you personally normally work in;
  • Gain access to some Goal Setting Templates as you clarify goals for your Business & Personal life;
  • You’ll identify and deal with all the ‘Time Wasters’ in your business & life over the next 4-weeks;
  • Learn the concepts of ‘Effective Small Business Planning’ and commence the planning process;
  • You’ll Identify what tasks you need to be doing that will earn you the ‘hourly rate’ you need to achieve your financial goals;
  • Learn how to identify and outsource ‘Low cost’ or ‘Low Fun’ tasks to enhance your productivity;
  • Understand the skill-set of ‘Delegation versus Abdication’ to massively enhance your productivity.
  • Massively boost your personal hourly rate through greater awareness of decisions resulting in enhanced productivity;
  • Achieve the ‘quality use of your time’ that most people rarely achieve through greater awareness and respect of the time you have.
100% guarantee
30-Day Money Back Guarantee…

If within 30-Days of purchasing and commencing this Time Management Training Course, you are not happy with paying for this course, simply let us know and we’ll refund your money without question.

100% guarantee


This course will save you at least 4-10 hours a week, if you learn and follow the concepts covered in the training course. Considering the Small Investment for this training, If you only saved 4 hours of time in the entire month from this course, you still have made a positive ‘Return On Your Investment’. So it’s really a ‘No-Brainer’! Plus you get our 100% Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked, if you contact us telling us you want your money back.