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LibAbun Business Coaching and Training Team.

We are very pleased and proud to introduce you to our LibAbun business coaching and training team. Our team is here to do one thing – “Help you grow your business!” When we do that our business will grow. 

How we help you grow your business is the ‘USP’ unique selling proposition of our LibAbun business coaching and training team. We help you through our business coaching and training services. Some of these are free services such as some trainings in our LibAbunLAB Membership site.

We also help you through supplying you with our LibAbun team support services. These include webhosting and website support services. Monthly reports from your Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Neil Sinclair

Neil Sinclair Founder of LibAbun

Neil Sinclair is the Founder and Managing Director of the LibAbun Business Coaching and Training Team. He has been a Professional Business Coach and Business Investor since 2001.

Neil has purchased, built and sold 4 businesses himself since 2001. During the last 20+ years Neil has also Coached and trained hundreds of small businesses, in dozens of different industries how to grow, automate and thrive in business. 

He is also a Keap Certified Partner (Keap formerly Infusionsoft). Helping Small Businesses to successfully implement the Keap & Infusionsoft by Keap CRM systems into their business.

Neil Sinclair is also a Certified LivePlan Expert Advisor. He coaches and trains Small Business how to conduct effective Small Business Planning. Taking back control of their business and learning how to manage sustainable growth through real 

Erlinda Almirol


ErlindaAlmirol is the Chief accountant of Libabun  Accountancy and is a Xero Advisor Certified.  She manages the monthly bookkeeping and accounts reconciliation of Libabun Accountancy clients.

Erlinda is a Certified Public accountant and has vast experience in Financial Accounting and bookkeeping.

She is keen to details and has very good analytical skills.  She has good leadership skills, provides training, guidance, and support.