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Switching accountants To LibAbun Accountancy

switching accountants To LibAbun Accountancy Is A Great Move!

We have made Switching Accountants to LibAbun Accountancy very easy for you. Once you agree to work with us, we will notify your previous Accountant of your move to us and do everything for you. You simply need to make a decision that switching accountants to LibAbun Accountancy is going to be a great move.

There are so many positive reasons and benefits to you through switching accountants to LibaAbun Accountancy?

  1. We are going to save you time, admin hassle, and save you paying some tax. You’ll improve cashflow and profitability, and we’ll give you ‘total peace of mind’!
  2. Our LibAbun Accountancy Service ‘9-Point’ Guarantee is amazing and nine more great reasons/benefits!
  3. We do most of the Accounts data entry and all the reconciliation work for you. 
  4. Your accounts are kept up-to-date EVERY MONTH by our team of certified professionals. As a result, you will have all the data you need to make the best decisions.
  5. We are business growth specialists. In addition, we supply to you all your required Accountancy services, This means, you get a superior service and great advice.
  6. Your dedicated Accountancy team fully understand your business goals for each quarter. As a result, we will produce your monthly reports focusing on the achievement of your goals
  7. We have a very positive ‘abundant’ business culture, always striving to achieve a win/win scenario for all our customers and stakeholders.

We love to turn our clients into raving fans. Our clients love what we do through helping them grow their business and doing all your Accountancy compliance work. That’s why business owners across the UK are switching from their traditional accountants to LibAbun Accountancy. They are achieving real business growth and enhancing their productivity through a more convenient online accounting experience.

We’ll help you discover how xero online accounting software, can transform how you manage your accounts, and the productivity of your business.

Our committed team will also advise on the growth and changing needs of your business with ongoing support and guidance.

Frequently asked questions

Of course! If you’re looking to change your accountant for any reason, all you have to do is contact us. Sign up and then you can leave the rest to us. We’ll get all your financial information from your existing accountant and transfer it to LibAbun. If you are new to Xero, you can even start using Xero software straight away while we look after the handover – once we get the opening position up to date there may be catch ups required.

To switch to LibAbun Accounting we just need you to complete and sign a couple of forms and we will do the rest. Contact us and our friendly team will explain what is needed and when.

This depends on how quickly we get the information from your previous accountant. However, we will do our best to make sure that the handover process is as smooth as possible. Once we have the necessary information, it normally takes a couple of hours to update the app with your accounts.

The best time is NOW! You may think the easiest time to switch to LibAbun Accountancy is at the end of your business financial year, yet the opportunity cost lost in growth and pro-active advice makes it impractical to wait till then. 

Switching Accountants any time is simple and easy. Why wait to put your business in a much better position for increased results and a better service?

Generally not, although you will need to check this with your previous accountant. If you have an outstanding account balance then it is unlikely that your previous accountant will talk to us and provide the necessary information until this has been settled.

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Sole traders

Our specialist accounting packages for sole traders and the self-employed combine easy online tools with accountant support to take away the stress of handling your accounts so you can focus on your day-job.

Limited companies

Owner-managed businesses turn to LibABun Accountancy for the right help and advice with running their limited company. They love our personal service and the advice we give to help you focus on busness growth.


Hand over your self-assessment to our experienced personal tax team, who will complete and file your tax return, saving you time and worry.


Business Development

LibAbun Accountancy is part of a Business Services Agency that specialises in growing businesses. Our expert advice compliments our accounting services offering your business the time, advice and means to achieve real and sustainable growth.