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sole trader accounting services

Remove the worries of Your Sole Trader accounting and tax

The biggest nuisance of being a Sole Trader or self-employed is dealing with Sole Trader accounting, tax and the mountains of paperwork that goes with it. Traditional accountants can be expensive and understanding accountancy jargon can be a headache. 

Our simple sole trader accounting services bring together market-leading online accounting software with support from a friendly, experienced accounting team who are business growth specialists. 

What is unique about LibAbun Accountancy is that we are part of a Business Services Support Agency. As a result, we give you access to excellent business advice and we align your accounting needs to your business growth goals.

It doesn’t matter if your business goals are to simply earn an income each month to cover your bills or you are keen to grow your business to a larger entity. We will align your Sole Trader accounting needs to report to you every month how you are progressing towards your business goals. As a result, we will then advise you accordingly.

We will help you with everything from VAT registration to filing your self-assessment tax return. If you are keen to grow your business, we can help you with all other accounting and tax requirements as you grow too. 

If you are looking for a better accounting experience, get in touch and tell us more about your business goals so we can discuss how we can best help you achieve them.

Sole Traders

From £59 per month

Simplicity and complete accounting support for an unbeatable price

Most small businesses operate as Sole Traders (or Self-Employed, for tax purposes they are essentially the same). There are very good reasons for this. It is the simplest, cheapest way of setting up a business. In contrast, it avoids the additional cost and complexity of a Limited Company. If for any reason the owner decides to stop trading, they can easily shut down the business.

All businesses need to keep records but sole trader accounting is the simplest form. Consequently, HMRC do allow a considerable degree of flexibility in sole trader accounting. A very small business needs to produce nothing more than a statement of total income and costs. However, the taxpayer must have sufficient records to show that the reported profit is correct. As a result, LibAbun Accountancy can provide for you an excellent level of service to meet all your Sole Trader Accounting needs and more.

Get the best Accountancy advice and support with us at LibAbun Accountancy. We love Sole Traders Accounting as we know we are helping the small businesses of our economy to grow and prosper. We would be proud to be associated with you. Enquire now and get a quote to start working with us.