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Small Business Assessment Method

Are your Marketing, Sales and Customer Services processes fully aligned and automated to allow the profitable free flow of your business traffic?

Do you feel you have gaps in your processes that need to be fixed?

Do you feel that you could be doing a lot better?

Our Small Business Assessment will help you identify and fix any outstanding issues.

Our Small Business Assessment will identify how to take your business...

From having any unaligned processes.

Unaligned Small Business Assessment

To having fully aligned processes.

Aligned Small Business Assessment

During your Small Business Assessment, we will take a look at the range of products and services you offer the market. 

We will review the marketing, sales, and customer services processes for each of the products or services you sell.

We will identify any gaps you have in these processes to allow a ‘profitable seamless flow’ of business.

We will show you how to fix these gaps to really get your business flying.

The Small Business Assessment Perfect Customer Lifecycle

The Perfect Customer Lifecycle diagram highlights what your business processes should look like. (Click to enlarge image)

Your business should have at least one approach in each of these boxes, yet you can have more.

Failing to have automated processes in any one of these areas, will result in a ‘broken marketing, sales and customer services pipeline. This will be a major barrier to enhancing your cashflow.

Their is a ‘Priority Path’ to improve any issues we identify from the Small Business Assessment. (Click to enlarge image)

It is important to work on any identified issues in the order highlighted in the Priority path and the flip boxes below. (Point on boxes for more info)

This order empowers you to work on quick cash-flow gains first.


Re-engage Your Existing List
Drive our existing prospects to take action! Our quickest path to cash.


Capture Leads From Existing Traffic
Create lead magnets or offers that entice your visitors to opt-in to your marketing.


Systemise Your Sales Conversion
Be intentional in seeking to convert our newest leads that are enter the funnel.


Deliver A Stellar Customer Experience
More than simply fulfilling your offering. Make your customers feel awesome.


Ask Happy Customers For Referrals
Find out who your happy customers are and ask them to refer their friends and colleagues.


Upsell To Existing Customers
What else do we offer that will help our clients?


Make It Easier To Purchase.
Remove barriers and streamline our sales process to avoid losing customers


Nurture Your Prospects and Clients
Schedule regular communications to keep your list up to date on what is new and exciting.


Generate New Traffic
Introduce your business to new people through advertising, events, and networking etc.

The Small Business Assessment Planned Implementation

Now that we have identified through our Small Business Assessment all the business development opportunities, we can plan out their implementation to complete the ‘Re-alignment’ of our businesses ‘Perfect Customer Lifecycle’ processes.

There are eight components to our planned implementation:

  1. Strategy
  2. Tactic
  3. Assets
  4. Content
  5. Tools
  6. Skills
  7. Ownership
  8. Timeline

Register for your Free 1-hour Small Business Assessment and we will take you through this process to identify your Perfect Customer Lifecycle…