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Setting Business Key Performance Indicators

Information On Setting Business Key Performance Indicators

4 Easy Steps To Start Setting Your Goals and Setting Business Key Performance Indicators;

  • Download the Goal Setting Templates by filling out the form below;
  • Read the paragraphs below on setting goals and setting business key performance indicators;
  • Watch the Video towards the bottom of this page;
  • Set some goals using the downloaded templates and draft your first set of business key performance indicators

Setting Your Goals & Setting Business Key Performance Indicators…

Having a Business Dashboard that clearly displays to you your Business Key Performance Indicators is a ‘critical success factor’ in every business, yet a Business Dashboard is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of small businesses. This Video and the associated templates that are associated to developing a Business Dashboard will clearly show you how to go about setting business key performance indicators for you, but first, let us put the ‘need’ to do this into a practical perspective for you.

Setting up your Goals
Setting Goals in Business and in life. Setting up Business Key Performance Indicators

When you last drove your motor vehicle, did you get in that vehicle and drive it safely from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ in the desired safe and timely manner? The main devise in that vehicle that allows you to drive that vehicle is your Dashboard. On you Dashboard you most likely will have a speedometer, Rev counter, a fuel display and several warning light panels that let you know if your vehicle is operating correctly. These all add value to you conducting your journey in a safe and timely manner in conjunction with your daily goals.

What about your Business? Your Business is supposed to be the vehicle that will help you supply your family and your employees and their families, with the wealth and future security of a good and regular income as you all progress through life. So if your Business is that important, where is your Business Dashboard, that is visually displaying to you how the Business is performing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual basis? It really is that important. Watch the video above and use the personal and business goal setting templates offered to you by filling out the form below to set up your draft version of your Business goals and setting business key performance indicators.
Note: This video is for all LibAbun Clients to view and implement regardless of which programme you are on! So please ensure you watch the whole video.


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To learn more about how to better define your goals and setting business key performance indicators, check out the business development events we have available to you.