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Make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you. Take payment straight away through the app, or send them a link to pay online.


Mobile credit card processing

Simply type in the client’s credit card number and charge them on site, through the app. You’ll process the transaction then and there.


Online invoice payment

Email or TXT your customers a special link to an online invoice and card payment portal. It’s easy, convenient and fast.

Credit card scanning

Manually entering credit card numbers can be a hassle. With ServiceM8, you can scan in the customer’s credit card number using your camera.

Simply hover the camera over the card, and ServiceM8 will scan the number in for you.


Powered by Stripe

Stripe is a payment processor which enables you to accept credit and debit card payments without needing to set up a merchant account with your bank.

Apple Pay support

ServiceM8’s integration with Stripe supports payment acceptance via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay.

This provides multiple fast & convenient options for customers to pay when booking your services online, or viewing your invoices.

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