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Wordpress Pop Up

Are you thinking about using a Wordpress Pop Up on your website? Well you have come to the right place. Not only will we explain to you many ways you can use ‘Pop Ups’ on your website. We will actually go way deeper than that for you and get you to consider, the reasons why you should use ‘Pop Ups’.

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Why use a Wordpress Pop Up

On this page we will cover the key things you need to know about using a Wordpress Pop Up. We will also;

  • Highlight to you the many ways you should use a pop up builder. There are even some real ninja Pop ups;
  • Share with you a link to a Blog that gives you many examples from pop up builders;
  • Recommend to you our preferred Wordpress Pop Up and why;
  • If you feel you need help. We offer you the opportunity to book a complimentary 30-minute Wordpress 'Pop up' planning session with us. Simply book your date/time with us in the appointment calendar above.

Many ways to use a Wordpress Pop Up

The are ‘gazillions’ of ways you can use ‘Pop ups’ on your business website. The critical criteria to decide what type of Pop up you should use is to think about the User experience you want to provide. If you are going to use a pop up builder, then it clearly needs to be compatible with your wordpress theme and have regular updates to the plugin.

Whatever website page your website users are on, that page will be providing information on a particular topic, product or service. You must consider, how can you use a ‘Pop Up’ to enhance your users experience? Perhaps you want them to take some form of action, such as buying something. Or, perhaps you simply want to offer an exchange. This exchange could be giving their name and email address in exchange for a white paper, Ebook etc. Perhaps you simply want to welcome them back to your website and enhance their experience.

Here are some of the ways you can consider using a Pop Up. Each of these categories, can also have dozens of different ways of applying this criteria;

  • 1.

    Welcome pop ups;
    Welcome pop ups;
  • 2.

    Collecting leads;
  • 3.

    Converting a sale;
  • 4.

    Growing social media followers
  • 5.

    Behaviour driven experience;
  • 6.

    Time driven pop ups;
  • 7.

    Push notifications through their browser;
  • 8.

    Exit intent pop ups;
Wordpress Pop Up page

Recommended Wordpress Pop Up

There are many different Wordpress Pop Up plugins available to you. Many have a free version, most also offer a ‘Pro’ upgrade. However, in our humble experience, the best Wordpress Pop Up actually is not a Plugin. This Pop Up actually is included in one of the most popular Wordpress themes on the market and that is the Elementor Pop Up Builder.

Wordpress POP Up Builder

We love the Elementor theme that includes the Pop Up Builder so much we use it for all our websites. We also recommend this to most of our clients because of the vast range of options to use it. It is also relatively simple to use requiring no coding skills to employ all the options.

Free Tutorial and Training On Using The Elementor Pop Up Builder

We have provided a free tutorial and free training on how to use the Elementor Pop Up Builder and theme. We have provided this training on our LibAbunLAB membership site. You simply need to register – it’s free. Then login to the site to gain access to this training.

If you are a small business owner, we recommend you complete these trainings. You must learn the capabilities of these tools to enhance your business. However, we never recommend you invest your precious time to build these yourself, let us do that for you.

Our team of experts will develop your desired website and pop up builders way faster than you will. We will get it right the first time. There by freeing up your time to focus on other Business growth strategies.

Thanks for reading this webpages information.

Wordpress Pop Up page founder

P.S. – Remember to book your Free pop up plan review with a member of our team. Simply choose a date/time in the calendar at the top of this page.

Kind regards Neil Sinclair – Founder LibAbun.

Pop-up example

This is an example of Welcome Pop-up

It's still not
too late!

This is an exit pop up example

Lol - WE COULDN'T RESIST Giving You A 'Pop Up' Example


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