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Keap Training - Set Up Your CRM In One Day!

Our 'No-Brainer' Offer:

Zero Initial Cost, Zero Training Fee, Zero Risk.

Say 'YES' to more automation, 'YES' to more free time, 'YES' to more sales & 'YES' to more success!

Start a 14-day free trial. No credit card needed. During trial period attend Keap Training - Free to set up CRM in one day.

This Keap Training is designed to help you set up your Keap CRM in just one day.

This Keap Training is for Keap Lite, Keap Pro, and Keap Max Customers only

If you are a Keap Max Classic User(Formerly Infusionsoft), this training is NOT for you.

Keap Training - Set Up Your Keap CRM

What’s the Catch? There isn’t one. All we offer is after completing your Keap CRM setup training if you love your new Keap CRM and the business automation we have helped you develop, you can upgrade your License to pay a monthly fee (See Prices). If you don’t like it, you can simply let your Free trial application expire.

Three Keap Training Options To Set Up Your Keap CRM

Free Keap Training

14-Day Free Trial & Free Training
£ 0 Price Free
  • Register for 14-Day Free Trial below
  • Set Up on Keap Pro License
  • Attend Keap Training during trial period
  • Upgrade to Monthly subscription upon completion of Keap Set-up training

Pay For Keap Training

Already have a Keap License
£ 299 +VAT - One Payment
  • Already have a Keap License but still want to do the 1-Day training to set up your applications
  • Conduct A Free Small Business Assessment to map out your required Marketing, Sales & Customer Services processes.
  • Attend the next Keap Training Day (Tuesdays)
  • Conduct A Free Business Growth Audit after your Keap Training

Done For You Set-Up

Dont attend Training & we set it up for you.
£ 799 +VAT - One payment
  • If you dont already have a Keap License we will set you up on a 14-Day Free Trial.
  • You must complete a Small Business Assessment with us to agree what is to be built for you.
  • We will set up your Keap CRM for you (Keap Lite, Pro and Max Only)
  • Upgrade To Keap License if you were on Free Trial (Monthly subscription extra)

What Does This 1-Day Keap Training Include?

Keap Integration:

  • Integrate your Keap App with your online Calendar, Accounting software such as Quickbooks or Xero, and other apps such as Google My Business for reviews, etc. It would be helpful to all who attend this Keap Training if you have already connected all the online applications to your Keap app prior to the live training.

Keap Contact List:

  •  Import all your contacts into your Keap application
  • Basics for setting and using Tags for segmentation in Keap
  • How to manage and edit contacts

Keap Tasks:

  • How to set up and manage tasks in Keap

Keap Appointments:

  • Set up your key appointments and ensure Keap is synced to your online calendar

Products/Services In Keap:

  • Set Up your Key products and services so they can be listed on your Quotes, Invoices, and Purchases

Taking Money Through Keap:

  • Set up your online payments system in keap and learn how to send out quotes, turn them into invoices and take payments online via keap.

Keap Broadcasts:

  • Learn how to set up and send out your first broadcast.

Keap Automations:

  • Learn the concepts of easy automation and set up at least two easy automations during the day
  • Learn the concepts of advanced automation and set up at least one advanced automation on the day.

Keap Sales Pipeline:

  • We will teach you how to build your Sales Pipleine so that it does not have any leaks in it. All leads, Prospects and Customers, will get followed up within a set time frame, once your Sales Pipeline is completed.

Keap Reporting and Dashboard:

  • To finish off this Keap Training we will show you how to set up your Business Dashboard in Keap and see the Reports you need to make informed decisions for your business.

Register For This Keap Training Now & Get Your Business Automated Within The Next Few Days!