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Lifecycle Marketing, Sales and Customers Service.

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Learn How To Apply Lifecycle Marketing In Your Business...

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3 Stages Of
Lifecycle Marketing

The 3 Stages Comprise of
9 Phases

Easy To Learn, Assess, and Apply To Create Growth

Stage 1 - Collect Leads

Lifecycle Marketing Target phase

Phase1 - 'Target'

Clearly define your target customer so you understand who they are, why they have pain, and where they go to find answers. This is the foundation to effective Lifecycle Marketing and automating all the phases that follow.

Lifecycle Marketing attract phase

Phase 2 - 'Attract'

When you understand the problems and motivations for your target customer, you can then launch enticement tools like high-value content that addresses their biggest pains and aspirations. Then you attract more leads.

Lifecycle Marketing Capture phase

Phase 3 - 'Capture'

Now it’s time to carefully build bulletproof lead capture methods so that you are collecting contact information into one central place for later follow up. Its also the start of your automation journey as you ‘Capture’ these leads.

Stage 2 - Convert Clients

Lifecycle Marketing Engage phase

Phase 4 - 'Engage'

This is where you get to educate your buyers. It’s up to you to guide them properly so they look to you as someone they can trust. Do it right and you can create a monopoly in their mind so that they only think of you when it is time to buy. Segmentation of your market through automation is a key success factor.

Lifecycle Marketing Offer phase

Phase 5 - 'Offer'

Get clear on the most critical steps in your sales process and make sure it aligns with what your clients needs are. As leads engage, present offers that lead them to the most natural next step. Segmentation and automation is key to making the correct offer every time.

Lifecycle Marketing Close phase

Phase 6 - 'Close'

Streamline a simple process for clients to purchase from your business by implementing tactics that align with your sales cycle. Also automate your follow-up so no leads get forgotten or overlooked in contact lists. 100% Follow-Ups is a Guarantee to success.

Stage 3 - Create Fans

Lifecycle Marketing Deliver phase

Phase 7 - 'Deliver'

Make sure you’ve systematized your delivery so that clients consistently get everything they were sold. Deliver with systematic consistency and you are well set up to ‘Impress the pants off’ your clients.

Lifecycle Marketing Impress phase

Phase 8 - 'Impress'

Create intentional plans to go above and beyond with every client, consistently. Leave a mark that keeps them coming back for more. This will also turn them into ‘Raving Fans’ and an ‘Advocate’ of your product or service.

Lifecycle Marketing Multiply phase

Phase 9 - 'Multiply'

Guarantee repeat business, positive reviews and customer referrals by intentionally planning these into your customer journey.

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