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Life Force Fitness – A Testimonial from the Fitness & Lifestyle sector

Dear Neil,

I want to thank you for a great business audit session last week.

You went through the critical aspects of my business, checking the status of each and making useful suggestions along the way.

In particular, as promised, you focused on my marketing, promotional and sales activities. You made some great suggestions that were, frankly, a revelation to me. I am already implementing the suggestions you made regarding improvement of my lead-to-prospect and prospect-to-customer conversions.

It’s clear that you have a lot of experience, not only running businesses but also improving and selling businesses for yourself and improving businesses for others. This track record, together with the tools and support arrangements you provide, gives me every confidence that you would be able to help any business to thrive.

Of all the business coaches I’ve met both in and out of BNI, you’d get my vote and recommendation hands down.

I look forward to working with you some more over the coming months.

Kind regards

Jon Bellis


Great praise from an exceptional and determined business, we are delighted to receive such feedback.
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