A Libabun Business Coach Will Provide You Assurance, Autonomy and Abundance!

It doesn't matter what size business you have
or where in the world you're located.

We will have a business coaching & training programme
that is suitable, affordable and profitable for you.

See our 3 Business Coaching option below...

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We Have 3 Different Levels Of Coaching and Training Support - The Category Your Business Currently Fits In...

Growth Businesses

Typically 4-7 Staff with Annual Sales of £100,000-£300,000
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Our Small Business Coaching Programme is designed specifically for the needs of ‘Growth Businesses’. This means, Once you have a sound grasp of the Business Success fundamentals, we will help you successfully develop and apply the growth strategies needed to get you to the next level – Scaling Up Business
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Scaling-Up Businesses

Typically 8 or more Staff or Annual sales £300,000-£50 million.
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Our 1-on-1 Business Coaching teaches you and your team how to sustainably grow, automate and thrive in business. As a consequence, this bespoke Coaching is based around your precise needs to successfully coordinate your entire business toward the achievement of your desired outcomes.
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A great business coach doesn't just talk about business growth strategies and results - they help you deliver them!

Our LibAbun business coaching and training services will educate you on the best business growth strategy options for your business. This means, we will coach, train and help you apply these business strategies into your business.

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The cornerstone to your success is assessing your businesses current results in our compounding business growth formula…then growing it!

Compounding Business Growth Strategies
Click on picture above to read about our compounding business growth formula...

A Business Coach will then help you choose a selection of the best strategies for your business from over 500 business growth strategies to grow, automate and thrive in business!

500+ Business Development Strategies

Six Business Development Strategy Criteria

1. Leadership, management & planning strategies

We have over 20 leadership, management and planning strategies to help you grow and manage your business. As a result, our business coaching will help you become the leader and manager you need to be.

2. Recording, reporting, & reviewing the right data

If you are going to make the right informed decisions about your business, you need to be collecting and reviewing the right data. So to help you, we have over 20 different strategies to consider as part of our business coaching and training.

3. Small business automation strategies

The key to your freedom and greater levels of autonomy in you business is automation. So, we have over 60 business automation strategies within our business coaching and training programs to help you achieve the autonomy you seek.

4. Team recruitment and training strategies

Ever struggle to recruit, train, inspire and retain the right team? Not any more, we have over 40 business growth strategies to enhance your recruitment and training.

5. Delivery & logistics strategies

 Make sure you are delivering your products and services on time and at a profit. To help you constantly achieve this, we have over 30 different strategies as part of our business coaching and training.

6. Work/Life balance strategies

Start to take back control of your time and your life by striving to achieve a work/life balance that makes you proud to be in business. We have over 40 work/life strategies within our business coaching and training programs.

Eight Business Growth Strategy Criteria

1. Lead generation strategies

We have over 70 lead generation strategies to help you grow the number of leads in your business. As a result, our business coaching will help you select the best strategies for your business.

2. Lead to prospect conversion rate strategies

Now you have a lead, you have to convert them into a prospect! Consequently, we have over 40 business growth strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching to convert more leads to prospects.

3. Prospect to customer conversion rate strategies

Once you have a prospect in your sales pipeline, now you have to convert them into a customer! Reassuringly, we have over 50 business growth strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching.

4. Customer average value sale strategies

We have over 50 Average value sale strategies to help you get customers to spend more each time they buy. As a result, our business coaching will help you select the best strategies for your business and grow this number.

5. Number of transactions per customer strategies

Get your customers coming back to your business and buying from you more often! To help you do this, we have over 70 ‘number of transactions per customer’ strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching.

6. Gross Profit Margin strategies

Improving your Gross Profit Margins is key to getting your costs and prices right! To support your needs, we have over 30 gross profit margin strategies to choose from and apply through our Business coaching.

7. Net Profit Margin strategies

Increasing your net profit margins is vital to keeping your operating costs under control and improving your net profitability. As a result, we have listed over 50 net profit margins strategies available to you within our business coaching and training programs.

8. Monetary Conversion strategies

It’s all about putting more money into your pocket. It may surprise you to read Profit is not cash! This means, you need to be aware of the best ways to turn your profit into actual cash in your personal pocket. We have over 30 strategies listed to do this.

Some of the brands we have partnered with and business growth tools we use to deliver results.

Keap Infusionsoft by Keap
Save time, increase productivity and sell more with small business automation using Keap or Infusionsoft by Keap. As a result, We have a ton of Prebuilt campaigns to share with complete with full training.
LivePlan Business Planning LibAbun
A proper business planning system will give you more focused and better clarity. Our LibAbun Liveplan Business Plans sync with your online accounting software
Take more control to grow your business by better understanding Monthly Financial Reports Using Online Accounting Software

We can simplify many of your Business Management needs. We make business easier for you by supplying many of your service requirements as one provider.

wordpress website business coaching and training
Learn how to manage your business website needs using a Wordpress website. We can conduct any amendments for you.
LibAbun managed website hosting service and pricing
Let us host and manage your website to give you "Peace of mind", then you can focus on what you're good at!
Google search console business coaching and training
We set up your Google Search Consule and deliver monthly reports. You'll learn what the data actually means and how to manage it..
business coaching and training
We'll set up your Google Analytics and deliver monthly reports. You'll learn what this data actually means too and how to manage it..

Learn how to improve your digital & non-digital marketing for better results.

Google Adswords Business Coaching and Training
Learn about how and if you should be using Google Adwords. We can manage this for you too!
Discover more about Social Media Marketing Automation. We can even provide this service to you
Facebook For Business Coaching and training
Learn how to use a Facebook business page and Facebook Ads Manager Account.
linkedin Business Coaching and Training
Find out how to best use and manage LinkedIn and Sales Navigator for more leads

Other resources we use to deliver our business coaching and training services.

Learndash membership site business coaching and training
Learn about LearnDASH for your own membership sites
memberium membership site business coaching and training
We use and recommend Memberium to integrate LearnDash with Keap or Infusionsoft
Use the buddyboss platform for your own membership forums and discussion groups
Business Coaching and Training using Plus This
Improve many of your CRM 'ninja' capabilities using PlusThis.

We Have Worked With Dozens Of Different Industries.

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During Our Business Coaching Programmes, Here's Some Of The Tools We Can Train You On To Improve Automation & Productivity.

LibAbun LivePlan Business Planning
LibAbun LivePlan Business Planning


We are certified ‘Expert Advisors’ with LivePlan. We will teach you how to follow and use our LibAbun LivePlan Business Planning Methodology, so you can take real control of your business. Practical Business plans that also integrate with Xero and Quickbooks to give you a Dashboard of your data that is easy to read.

Use Keap CRM or Infusionsoft by Keap
Use Keap CRM or Infusionsoft by Keap


We are Certified Partners with Keap CRM and Infusionsoft by Keap. There are three different Keap Licenses available – Keap Grow, Keap Pro and Infusionsoft by Keap. One of these will be ideal for your business needs to help you automate many facets of your business and enhance your productivity, sales and profit.

Complimentary Coaching Session

Try Before You Buy!

Have you ever had any business coaching?…

If you have had business coaching, then we’d love to hear about your experience and results and you can still have A Complimentary Coaching Session with us at LibAbun. If you haven’t had business coaching before, then it’s time to find out what it’s all about and undertake the LibAbun Complimentary Coaching Session? Book yours now.

Complimentary Business Growth Audit

How’s business? Could it be better?

Lets find out with a complimentary Business Growth Audit and discover smarter ways to grow by at least 50% in the next year.

In just 2-hours we will identify the key business strategies to apply in your business, so you can profitably and sustainably grow, automate and thrive in business.

At Libabun, our Business Coaching and Training helps you understand how each Small Business strategy, affects and relates to the overall growth and automation of your business.

You’ll gain total control of your business and your results will improve, so you’ll start to feel in control again. Then, your overall confidence about your business will grow.

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