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Keap Pricing

Calculating your Keap pricing is simple and will depend on what you need specifically in your Keap Application for your business.

Calculating what size Keap Application you need is done in three simple steps;

1. Choose the size of your needed ‘Contact Edition’ based on your contact list

2. Select any additional Users you need in your Keap Application. Every app includes 1-User

3. Decide if you want an E-commerce Store or Automated Sales Pipeline as additional features?

(Note: Every Keap Application comes with the ability to Quote, send Invoices and take payments online and the ability to manually put contacts through sales stages. The E-commerce add-on is only for people who want an additional ‘Online Shopping Cart’. The Sales Pipeline Add-on is for people who want to automate their Sales Pipeline) You can upgrade/downgrade from these add-ons at any stage.

Keap Pricing after Keap Free Trial

Keap Pricing – ‘Considerations & Tips’

  1. If you already have a list of contacts, only import ‘active contacts’
  2. Cleanse your contact list of all contacts who have not ‘opted-in’ to receive emails
  3. Every Keap Application includes 1-User, any additional users will be added to monthly fee
  4. Only register team as ‘Users’ who need access to Keap to manage business
  5. If you want any advice or assistance with pricing – reach out to us at the LibAbun Office