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Why Google Analytics Reporting is Useful

While you can use the data from Google Analytics in many ways, there are four most helpful reports. The website traffic generated from your content marketing. Analytics gives you a navigation summary. What traffic has been generated from organic search versus paid for advertising. Finally what pages have converted from which traffic sources.

Once you understand what this data is and how to track it, you can mix and match insights to take advantage of opportunities with your web-based content. As a result, you can drive more traffic to your site, and (more importantly), do more with the traffic you have.

How Google Analytics Benefits Your Business

Your Time:

Google Analytics helps you to determine what makes a good business website for your target audience and industry. This is done not through insight or opinion, but through actual data. Having a data driven approach eliminates time-consuming guesswork. It also enables you to learn, decide, and execute more efficiently. With data and analytics to guide you, you can act quickly with confidence, free up time, and focus better on running your business.

Your Target Audience:

Demographics: Google Analytics benefits your business by providing you more insight into the people who visit your website. You can gather demographic information on visitors such as age, gender, and location. With this information, you can identify who among your target audience is most likely to convert, and then cater your website content accordingly. You also then know who to target in your advertising campaigns, as well as how to write your ad copy to better resonate with them.

Interests: Google Analytics even collects information on the interests of your visitors. Are they movie lovers? Travel buffs? Business professionals? The benefit here is that you don’t always have to appeal to the problems of your target audience that your business solves; you can also capture their attention with things that are of interest to them. You may even be able to find a niche within your target audience that you can serve.

Behavior: In addition to the characteristics of those visiting your website, Google Analytics also tells you what people are doing once they’re on your site. You can see how much time they’re spending on the site, whether it’s their first time visiting, how often repeat visitors are returning, and how much time elapses between visits.

Your Website Channels:

The third Google Analytics benefit is that it lets you know which channels are leading people to your website, such as social media, emails, or landing pages. This is helpful in a number of different ways. For example, if a large amount of traffic is coming in through social media channels, you might want to focus your resources on those areas. Or, you might try using similar content, copy, and style on other channels that aren’t performing as well. You can also see which campaigns are most successful, whether in the quantity or quality of traffic they bring to your website.

Your Website Pages

In addition to gathering data according to visitors and channels, you can also look at it according to specific pages of your website. Google Analytics page breakdowns can tell you which pages get visited most frequently, which pages lead to more pages, which pages lead to conversion, and more. This reveals which information is most relevant to visitors, so you can optimize the user experience of your followers, visitors, and customers. Use Google Analytics to determine what to put on your homepage, how to design your site navigation, and even what kind of content to put out on your blog and social media posts.

We Send Monthly Analytics Report for Your Website

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