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Giving Your Very Best In Business Today…

Giving Your Very Best In Business Today Is A Necessity…


Working as hard as you possibly can and giving your very best in business today are not necessarily the same thing. We have all heard of the concept of ‘working SMARTER, not working harder’, yet what does that really mean?

The video above is the ‘Death Crawl’ scene from the movie ‘Facing the Giants’. We obtained this from YouTube. Even we wouldn’t necessarily use this style for Business Coaching, this scene is about the attitude toward giving your very best from one of the main team players and how it can infest the rest of the team. This story is also very relevant and just as true for Small Business Owners whom need to lead and manage themselves and their team if they have one.

When small business owners first launch their business, it would be fair to say that 99.9% of these people do not launch the business under the full understanding that in order for their business to grow and continue growing, they are going to have to grow and develop their skills, beliefs and identity around owning and running a business that does whatever their respective business does.

Most small business owners launch their business because they are good technicians at what they do, for example, a hairdresser, an electrician, a lawyer or a mechanic and they decide to start a business that offers that service without really thinking through whom they are going to need to become as a person in order to successfully manage and lead a business that does what they do!

For A Company To Grow, Its People Must First Improve Either Their Skills And The Systems…

For a business to achieve the results of growth, there must be a cause for this business growth, which normally is created by either an increase in the abilities of one or more team members in the business and/or an improvement in the business systems. Even when a new business system is implemented, the respective team in the business must be trained to learn how to use that system properly.

When things are not going the way they intended in small businesses it is the natural instinct for the small business owner to typically work harder or longer hours in an attempt to turn around and improve the results. This is not necessarily the best way to achieve the outcomes sought and often results in creating a ‘burn out’ situation of the small business owner, which is the #1 reason for small businesses being closed down! So many small business owners attempt to turn their business around by working longer hours. They invest time to save money (save them paying a wage to someone else) and this over time burns out the small business owner.

Learn To Leverage Your Business Systems & Time…Invest Resources To Do This

To work SMARTER in small businesses the owner of the businesses needs to think differently to that of the technician in the business and seek to ‘leverage’ the business systems, save time and invest resources to do this. This is what we mean by ‘working SMARTER’.

As a small business owner, giving your very best in your business, means thinking wisely about what is the best use of your time and how to best do whatever it is you need to do. Business Owners whom dive in to exchange their time to save themselves paying a small wage, may not be making a SMART management and leadership decision.

SMART time people exchange money for time, poor time people exchange time for money! As a small business owner we have all done this, ‘pulled our sleeves up’, got our hands back on the ‘technical tools’ as a hairdresser, mechanic, lawyer or whatever it is your business does. But this is probably not the best way to grow your small business.

Your hourly rate that you get paid for ‘Working ON’ your business will be at least 5 times higher than the hourly rate you can pay someone else to ‘work IN’ your business as a technician, be that a hairdresser, mechanic, lawyer etc or whatever your business does.

Giving your very best as a small business leader and manager is to recognise that the worst thing you can do is to get back on the ‘technical tools’. You need to focus on developing the marketing and sales skills and systems within your small business to produce the sales, cashflow and profitability that can be used to invest in better business systems and a team, which leverages your systems and frees up your time even further.

So, give your very best to become the leader and the manager of your small business! Dump the technicians tools as soon as you can. Lead, Inspire and Train your team to grow your small business for you.

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