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Keap’s CRM with text messaging keeps clients happy and wins new jobs

More than 85% of SMS/text messages are read within 10 minutes. Libabun with Keap’s CRM text messaging eliminates the guesswork, helps you stay organized, and allows for timely response to client needs.


44% of people don’t hire service providers who are slow to follow up

Libabun with Keap’s CRM texting alerts you when your leads and clients email, text or call so you’re quick to respond and on point. Everything you need to win the business or service your client is on your device.

Respond to clients the way they want

A 2018 Small Business survey stated that 72% of customers want to communicate with clients using text message. So, reach customers the right way. Add SMS messaging with Keap’s CRM software to your business for fast communication and to ensure clients get the information they need.


“Star” your most important messages to find them later

Stop wasting time digging through hundreds of texts with Keap’s updated SMS. Our CRM system keeps your messages organized by marking as unread and storing notes on your phone immediately after calls while the information is fresh.