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Email Whitelisting Instructions

Please Follow These Email Whitelisting Instructions For LibAbun.com On Your Email Platforms…

VERY IMPORTANT: You will need to whitelist our email address to ensure you receive updates from LibAbun regarding the products or services you requested or purchased.

WHY is Email Whitelisting Very Important? Until you either have a history of communicating with us or you indicate your desire to your email service provider to receive emails from an organisation, most of the emails sent by that organisation will end up in your promotions box, junk folder, or some other sort of spam folder.

At LibAbun we take our Marketing very seriously and we actively manage our reputation with the Email Service Providers. If people (you) on our subscriber lists do not indicate to their respective email service provider that they want to get our LibAbun Emails, then this will damage our email reputation with Email Service Providers.

So you may be wondering how we actively manage our reputation for this?

If you do not open our emails, then after a while we will remove you from this distribution list. We do this because every time you receive an email, if it keeps being delivered to your promotions, junk, or spam folder and you do not read it, this damages our reputation rating with the Email service providers, which over time, will diminish our email deliverability with them.

By the way if you do any sort of email marketing, the same is also true for you and your email campaigns!

Whitelist Instructions: Contained on this page are the instructions as to how to Whitelist LibAbun.com emails if you are a Gmail user. For all other email service providers (E.g. Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc) see further instructions at the bottom of this webpage.

Follow these Instructions to whitelist our LibAbun.com email for Gmail:

1.  In Your Inbox, locate emails from both [email protected] and [email protected].

2.  Drag these emails into your ‘Primary’ tab of your inbox.

3.  You’ll see that our emails will go to your Primary folder in the future.

For all other email service providers (E.g. Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc) please add us as a contact in your address book. Instructions how to do this for your respective Email Service Provider can be found here.

Note: If you are doing any Email communications at all, we advise you to set up the same procedure to maximise your email deliverability. If you need further instructions or help to do this simply contact us through the website or email [email protected].