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We understand how busy it can be to run a plumbing business especially if you are constantly on call out duties. Running your business, handling all the paperwork and complying with HMRC deadlines can quickly become very stressful. As a plumber, you’re very good at what you do, however you can’t be expected to have the time to manage your financial affairs to ensure a correct and minimal tax bill. The last thing you want to be thinking about is how to sort out the accounts for your plumbing business or worry about your tax liabilities.

That’s where we come in. Our accounting team understands that you want to spend as little time as possible updating your accounts so that you can focus on fulfilling your contracts, winning new business and enjoying your free time. We will help you on your journey with accountancy support and advice to assist you with growing your business. The ideal model to provide the accountancy support your plumbing business needs is an all-in-one accounting solution that enables you to manage everything online with handy apps, while having access to expert accountants as and when you need them.

So how Libabun Accountancy can help your business?


Reduce your Paperwork

The first action we take is to move your accounts and record keeping to a digital platform. There are plenty of solutions available for this and it means that not only can you instantly access your financial information no matter where you are, it instantly reduces your costs.

It saves you time, it eliminates the needs to clutter the dash and your office with all of your receipts. Going digital reduces your paperwork, streamlines tax and VAT calculations and submissions.


Efficient estimates and quotes

At Libabun Accountancy, you can prepare customised quotes and send invoices in a jiffy while on the move.  You can generate them from your PC or phone/tablet while on site. Send multiple options to customers to offer several choices and let customers accept and pay deposits online. Whether to fix a leak or install a whole bathroom, efficient estimates are a time saver and can help you win more business.


Keep on top of your jobs

Through the use of Xero Projects, tracking, quoting and invoicing are super easy.  And helps you get paid faster.

Monitor and track performance with an up-to-the-minute dashboard view so you keep jobs in budget and ensure every project is profitable.  With Xero Projects, you can estimate your time and costs then send through a quote for approval in just a few clicks. Choose the exact level of detail you want to show your customers.


Easily track your business performance

Get an instant and up-to-date view of your cash flow with the dashboard.  You can see all your key information in one simple place. You can choose which bank accounts, credit card accounts and PayPal accounts you want to set up and monitor. Your dashboard gives you an up-to-date view of your running balances and reconciliations across all of your accounts.  It also gives you the tools to follow up on outstanding invoices with a summary of what’s owed to you. Filter invoices by due date, amount owed, or how long they’ve been outstanding and drill down for extra information.


Drop the Data Entry

Transform the way you capture, store and keep track of your business receipts, bills and invoices.  Use your phone to snap, and then scrap the physical copy. Simple and paperless!   You didn’t get into business to hoard crinkled bits of paper and spend hours typing them into spreadsheets. With pinpoint accuracy, our partner ReceiptBank ,  scans all the information on-the-go — from your mobile, laptop or email inbox — storing and organising the data using a mix of AI and human sorting.


Pay your Suppliers Easily

At Libabun Accountancy, you can manage your bills more efficiently, pay suppliers on time, and get an overview of where your business is spending money.  You’ll spend less time on business admin by paying multiple bills in one simple transaction. You can bundle the bills together and schedule the payment, so you’re all ready to go.

You can even on-charge customer expenses and assign any costs you can recover to the relevant customer when the bill comes in. That way, you won’t forget about them and you’ll protect your profit margin.


Create Systems

We know how to create systems and processes in your business that will give you more free time to spend with your family or simply relaxing after a hard days graft.  We’ll start with analysing your current business systems and processes, and help you choose on the suitable business structure for your company.


Grow Your Business

Unlike most generalist accountants, we want to be involved in your business – and to help you to grow it.  We will work with you to identify business goals, construct a step-by-step plan to follow and have regular meetings with you to measure progress and to make adjustments.

We have developed a range of Business Coaching and Training services. These cater for the needs of every sized business from ‘Self-employed’ business owners to ‘Start-Ups’ and beyond. The real question is “What is the best Coaching/Training options for you and your business. Any programmes we offer are based on your current team size, your performance, your goals, and your needs.


Conducting a Business Growth Audit with the LibAbun Team is a FREE service. It is like giving yourself and your Business a ‘Business Health Check’ to understand what are the best options for growth in your business


Libabun Accountancy is a partner of Xero and ReceiptBank .

Through these applications, we’ll keep your accounts up to date on a monthly basis so you can have a clear view of your business’ monthly performance, which is crucial in your financial decision making.


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Libabun Accountancy is part of Libabun Business Services Agency.  We help Small Businesses grow, automate and thrive.

This Agency is made up of a number of different businesses that support each other and our clients to offer you synergies not heard of before.

The LibAbun Business Services Agency includes LibAbun Accountancy, LibAbun Website Development and LibAbun Business Angels, Coaches and Trainers.

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We provide a business success platform service for plumbers that offer fantastic business results. This includes a plumber’s business CRM website design and optimisation, social media campaign management, and complete accounting and bookkeeping services.

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