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DISC 360° Assessments

Imagine investing in your personal awareness with the rich data of our popular DISC self-assessment, and taking the opportunity to compare it with observer data collected from your colleagues, managers, direct reports, or anyone who would share an honest, thoughtful perspective on how they perceive you.

DISC 360° Assessment

Often the way we perceive ourselves and the way others perceive us can be two very different things. Even experienced business leaders will persist in communication and organizational practices with a belief that everyone recognizes their “obvious” intentions, while overlooking costly misinterpretations from different behavioral styles, communication preferences and emotional expression. What if you had an enhanced 360° view to tell you how others perceive you? With the help of honest and candid feedback, you can be confident that your intentions match your behavior and that others interpret your actions as they were intended.

No Observer Maximums & One Low Price

Our DISC 360º allows individuals to enhance the traditional DISC self-assessment with observer data. Using the same questionnaire process, observers are asked to provide their perspective of your behavior and emotions, helping you discover disconnects between your intention and their experience. The feedback is intended as a way to open conversations, highlighting areas of your personal interactions that may offer an opportunity to build greater effectiveness.

As with all of our 360º assessments, the DISC 360º allows users to collect an unlimited number of observer assessments at no additional cost. Whether you add the minimum 5 observers or 300, you only pay the same low wholesale price.

Customized DISC Report Options for Every Professional

Our internationally awarded DISC assessment produces more than a dozen customizable individual and team reports. Whether your desire is an off-the-shelf report that has proven effective, or something customized to your individualized needs, we have the right report for you. Members can also select DISC focus areas like Self-awareness, Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, or Coaching.

Available 360° Assessments

DISC 360°

Libabun Company Culture cannot always be measured

The DISC 360º allows individuals to enhance the traditional DISC self-assessment by using the same questionnaire with observers providing their perspective of your behavior and emotions. You can compare and contrast what you think you are doing and what they experience to determine what may support or hinder your effectiveness.

EIQ-2 360°

The EIQ-2 360º reveals how one’s perceived emotional intelligence in four key areas compares to observer feedback. It highlights the ways we may think we recognize and manage emotions effectively, but fall short with others. With this insight, you will be able to examine if and how your EIQ matches what others perceive.

Leadership Effectiveness

Libabun Company Culture of Abundance

The Leadership Effectiveness 360° measures current leadership strengths and areas of improvement in eight of the top competencies that distinguish exceptional leaders. Additionally, these competencies are examined not just through their own eyes, but also through the eyes of their peers, managers, and direct reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a 360 versus a self-assessment?

The DISC 360 report is designed to give you a holistic view of your own perceptions of behavior and emotions and to compare and contrast them with observer data. By collecting data from a variety of relationships and roles, you have a unique opportunity to evaluate and examine how your behavior and emotions are perceived by others. By opening yourself up to receiving feedback from colleagues, employees, direct reports, clients, leadership, friends, family, and anyone else you value feedback from, you are also able to determine if you are adapting your style in ways that are as effective as possible, based on environment, situation, and relationship.

DISC 360 gives me general information about what others think about me, but doesn’t really go into details about why they think that. How can I find out more about why they rated me this way?

Ask them! The DISC 360 is intended to highlight the places in your behavioral and emotional expression that are being perceived as you intended, and to reveal areas where your actions may be misunderstood. Use this information as a starting point for discussion and ask for clarifying questions. The key to this conversation is that it must be safe for feedback to be shared. If you are unwilling to hear the feedback or become defensive, the conversation will not be as helpful or honest as it could be. However, if you come to the conversation with authentic curiosity and a desire to learn more about what others are experiencing, you will find a wealth of information that you can use to build stronger relationships.

Will the information in the 360 be anonymous? How many raters do I need?

The feedback presented to you will be anonymous. You must have a minimum number of raters to maintain anonymity, so a 360 report will not generate if you have not received enough feedback from others. You can, however, invite as many people as you wish to provide their perceptions. There is no maximum, and the cost is the same whether you have 5 responses or 300. We always recommend having as many people rate you as possible. The more information, the better snapshot you have of how different individuals in various roles perceive you and respond to you.