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Learn How To Grow Your Business By At Least 50% Every Year With Our Compounding Business Growth Formula Report.

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Compounding Business Growth Formula

You are about to learn one of the ‘MOST POWERFUL’ formulas you will ever need to learn in Business. It’s our LibAbun ‘Compounding Business Growth Formula’

Understanding this formula and knowing these numbers will ‘Liberate’ your ability to substantially grow your business year on year to achieve whatever financial goals you have.

Within each of the Business Growth Criteria in this formula are over 100 business development strategies. Within the Free report you will recieve, we will recommend to a total of 21 Business Growth Strategies for your sized business and Industry.

This will include 3 recommended Business Growth Strategies for each of these areas:

  1. Number of Leads
  2. Leads Conversion Rate
  3. Prospect Conversion Rate
  4. Average Value Sale
  5. Number of Transactions per Customer
  6. Gross Profit Margin
  7. Net Profit Margin

The recommended strategies you recieve will fall within the areas on the right of the Diagram below; Content Marketing Strategies, Sales Pipeline Strategies, Purchasing Strategies etc.

Compounding Business Growth Formula

Understanding the Business Growth Criteria

In the dynamic world of business, growth is not just desired, it’s essential for survival and success. The Compounding Business Growth Formula is a strategic tool designed to optimize and accelerate business growth. This formula encompasses a series of interlinked elements that, when combined effectively, can exponentially increase the profitability and scalability of your business. Let’s delve into each component:

1. Number of Leads

Leads are potential customers who have expressed interest in your product or service. Increasing the number of quality leads is the first step in the growth journey. Techniques such as targeted marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, and networking can significantly boost your lead generation.

2. Lead Conversion Rate Percentage

This metric measures the efficiency of converting leads into prospects. A higher conversion rate indicates effective marketing and sales tactics. Improving your website’s user experience, refining your sales pitch, and personalizing customer interactions can enhance this rate.

3. Number of Prospects

Prospects are leads that are actively considering your offer. Increasing the number of prospects hinges on nurturing leads with compelling content, follow-ups, and demonstrations of your product’s value.

4. Prospect Conversion Rate Percentage

This rate reflects the success in turning prospects into actual customers. Strategies like offering limited-time deals, providing exceptional customer service, and showcasing customer testimonials can boost this conversion rate.

5. Number of Customers

Increasing the customer base is crucial for business growth. This requires not only converting prospects but also retaining existing customers through loyalty programs, quality service, and continuous engagement.

6. Average Value Sale

Maximizing the value of each sale can significantly impact your revenue. Upselling, cross-selling, and offering premium versions of your products or services are effective methods to increase this average value.

7. Number of Transactions

Encouraging repeat business is vital. Implementing subscription models, offering discounts on future purchases, and maintaining regular communication can increase the frequency of transactions per customer.

8. Total Sales Revenue

This is the total income generated from sales. Focusing on the above factors will naturally lead to an increase in total sales revenue.

9. Gross Profit Margin Percentage

This represents the profitability of your products or services. Optimizing operational efficiency, negotiating better deals with suppliers, and reducing overhead costs can improve your gross profit margin.

10. Net Profit

Net profit is what remains after all expenses are deducted from the gross profit. Efficient cost management and strategic financial planning are key to maximizing net profit.

11. Monetary Conversion Rate

The ability to efficiently convert profits into cash is essential for sustaining and growing your business. Efficient inventory management and prudent financial policies aid in maintaining a healthy cash flow.

12. Cash

Finally, we all know “Cashflow is King” but ensuring you have the correct strategies to ensure a healthy cash flow is critical and the final step to achieving the Financial Goals you have.

Remember, the amount of Cash you get to take out of the business totally depends on your level of Tax Efficiency and your Business strategies.

By understanding and implementing the Compounding Business Growth Formula, businesses can create a powerful strategy for sustainable growth. This formula is not just a theoretical concept; it’s a practical roadmap that, when executed well, can lead to exponential growth and success in the business world.

Once you understand and know these numbers in your business, it will empower you to increase your financial goals and aim higher than you ever thought was possible. Education and Mentoring to achieve these results much faster is the key. LibAbun has worked with and helped hundreds of businesses over the last 20 years do just that.

You will see in the Formula Diagram, six ‘Business Growth Results’ in green. These are:

  • Number of Prospects
  • Number of Customers
  • Total Annual Revenues
  • Gross Profit
  • Net Profit
  • Cash

These six are a ‘Result’ which means we cannot directly improve or grow these areas. To see these six Business Growth Results improve we have to work on Business Growth Criteria immediately before them in the formula.

You will also see in the Formula Diagram below, there are 8 Business Growth Criteria in blue. These are:

  1. Number of Leads
  2. Leads Conversion Rate
  3. Prospect Conversion Rate
  4. Average Value Sale
  5. Number of Transactions per Customer
  6. Gross Profit Margin
  7. Net Profit Margin
  8. Monetary Conversion

These eight Business Growth Criteria are the key to sustainably growing your business. For each Criteria, we have over 100 Business development strategies to choose from to help you grow your business. These are both Digital and Non-Digital strategies.

The aim is to improve each of the eight Business Growth Criteria by just 10%. For example; Increase your number of leads from 200 to 220.

To achieve a 10% increase in each criteria, we need to identify just 3 of the 100 Business development strategies, which are suitable for your Industry and Business. Every Business and every Industry are different and there is some variation to best suit your needs based on industry, business turnover, level of automation, number of of team and level of profitability. We are targeting a 3-4% improvement from each of these 3 strategies to give you the targeted 10% increase in each Criteria during the year.

These are all important details to be aware of because any business growth and development is goign to require you and any team you have to invest both time and some money into developing and growing your business.

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Once we have completed the second table, we will then Identify and recommend 21 Business Growth Strategies for your Industry and Business. We will recommend 3 Business Growth Strategies for each of the first 7 Business Growth Criteria to increase your leads, leads conversion rate, prospects conversion rate, average value sale, number of transactions per customer, gross profit margin and net profit margin. We will email to you this report.

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