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Cleancorp Cleaning Services Uses Infusionsoft


Cleancorp Cleaning Service

Lisa and Hamish own Cleancorp, a national cleaning service based in Sydney, Australia. They’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and are now growing every month.

Despite early growth, Lisa and Hamish lacked the organization and process to reliably attract, convert and retain customers. They faced challenges that are familiar to a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners: They didn’t have a budget for advertising or staff, they worked in excess of 50 hours a week working late nights and early mornings, and their list of contacts was a jumbled mess of papers on a series of desks. They had no metrics or information on prospects and no way to measure ROI.

They knew opportunity was slipping through the cracks, and they were looking for a way to establish sustainable, scalable growth. They reached a point where the only way forward was to invest in their systems and processes.

Scrubbing their list and starting fresh.


Initially, Lisa felt overwhelmed by the power of Infusionsoft, there seemed to be so much to learn, but wanted the results now. Little by little, she started to implement campaigns—and the results were incredible. Potential customers were calling them (instead of the other way around), and they were capturing and closing leads.

Today, they use Infusionsoft to implement a personalized, automated sales and marketing strategy. They segment their prospects by the type of cleaning they want and number of services needed per week, and create highly targeted, location-specific messaging to speak to their customers’ needs. Since implementing Infusionsoft, CleanCorp has experienced a dramatic increase in list size, conversion rate, and monthly growth. Turnover has grown from $1.2million to over $3.75 million and is steadily growing.

A Cleancorp Cleaning Services Clean Slate.


As a result of their successes, Lisa and Hamish have been able to spend less time at the office and more time with their three daughters. They’ve hired 120 cleaners and eight administrative employees to serve clients in Australia and New Zealand. They use automation for every system and process in their office, and nothing slips through the cracks. They now have over 40 days holiday every year.

In 2014, Lisa and Hamish won the Infusionsoft Small Business ICON Award. Since then, she has started Creative Automation as a way to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to use Infusionsoft to save time and pursue their passions.

To find out more about Infusionsoft and how it could help you market, grow and systemise your business check out this short Infusionsoft Video demonstration on our website.