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Get most of your Small Business services from one supplier. Simplifying business and saving time, money, and hassle!

You can use one or more of our Business Services. Your best results will occur when you use all our services.

Business Success Platform Services

Our Business Success Platform(BSP) is our ‘Core Business Service’ and the most popular.

We bring four of the critical Business Services listed on this page, together as part of one service to produce outstanding results over time.

Our BSP Service includes; CRM setup and management, website design and development; social media management and business bookkeeping and accounting.

LibAbun Business Coaching

We have developed four different business coaching programmes for different sized businesses based on Annual Revenues. Each programme is specifically designed for the needs of these small businesses to grow and streamline their systems.

The four categories are; Under £100k; £100k-£300k; £300k-£1Million; Over £1Million.

LibAbun Keap Certified Partner

Business Services: ServiceM8 CRM or Keap CRM Certified Partners

In todays busy world, if you want to save as much time as possible and maximise your productivity you need to be using a Small Business CRM system to automate as much of your business activity as possible.

We have partnered with two of the best Small Business CRM’s available. ServiceM8 CRM for Trade and Service Businesses and Keap CRM for Businesses that deliver their services online or at their own premises.

Both these CRMs are very affordable for any Small Business and will pay you many dividends in time and money if setup and used correctly. LibAbun are Certified Partners for both of these CRM’s.

Website Development Agency

Whether you need a new Website developed or you need to amend an existing website, we will link your development needs to the achievement of your business objectives.

We also link your website to the CRM System we develop for you and your social media campaigns to dramatically improve the quality and quantity of leads.

We will also connect and review monthly with you your Google search console, Google Analytics and any associated Social Media insight reports to advise you on the best way to move forward towards your business goals. 

accounting and bookkeeping service

Business Services: Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Let us look after the majority of your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs, so you can focus on your day job. We do the majority of your Bookkeeping for you, including Invoices and Expenses.

We have several automation tools we use for this service to have your accounts managed online, in the cloud. Get monthly financial reports within 2 weeks of the end of the month. Save time, take back control and get the right advice how to best grow your business. 

LivePlan Business Planning LibAbun

Business Services: LivePlan Business Planning

Business Planning should be inspiring and easy to do. The team at LibAbun are Certified Expert Advisors with LivePlan business planning. LivePlan also syncs with the Xero Accounting Software we use for all our Clients Bookkeeping and Accounting.

If you are going to get organised and get things done whilst having to do your day job, you better have an effective business plan.

You will get to refer to your plan daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. 

Business Reporting

Business Services: Monthly Business Reporting for data-driven decisions

Every month, our LibAbun Business Services team delivers your business reports.

We produce financial reports, CRM reports, Google Search Console and Google Analytics reports, Social media insights reports, just to name a few. This empowers us together to make ‘Data-driven decisions’ how best to grow your business.

Team Development

Business Services: Team Development

Small business team development involves several different aspects. Setting the right business culture and nurturing that culture. Understanding individual team members profiles and applying effective leadership and management techniques. Aligning you and your team with your business Goals. Installing effective business planning for everyone. Team reporting and assessments and so much more.

Lifecycle Marketing Workshop Keap and LibAbun

Business Services: Lifecycle Marketing To Get Your Market Segmentation and Marketing Mix Right

Due to Budget constraints, it’s vital for Small Businesses to get their Marketing Segmentation and Marketing Mix right, so they get ‘profitable returns from their marketing spend.

Our LibAbun Business Services Agency has partnered with Keap to provide you with a ‘Lifecycle Marketing’ review, that will help determine all the leaks you have in your marketing, sales, and customer services pipeline.