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Data Driven Business Reporting Empowering Great Results From Our Business Growth Services...

We set up and help you use the right Business reporting to make the right business growth decisions!

All our clients of every size, from Self-Employed, up to larger businesses, get access to this business reporting. You have to analyse the data to make the correct decisions.

  • Automated Financial Business Reporting

    We will help you set up and connect your online accounting software (E.g. Xero) to our Financial Business Reporting Tool. Secondly, we'll identify with you the most important financial data you need to achieve your growth goals. Thirdly, all our clients get set up automated monthly and quarterly business reporting. Finally, we then discuss these reports with you and together choose the best growth strategies for your business.

  • Google Search Console Business Reporting

    See how our Google Search console reports track and report where all your organic traffic (Search traffic) comes from. In fact, we will set up these monthly reports so we can correctly set up your website and social media channels to get you more leads.

  • Google Analytics Business Reporting

    Monthly Google Analytics business reporting shows you where any traffic, paid traffic or organic traffic is coming from. As a result, we set up this monthly reporting for you and then we analyse with you, the best business growth strategy options.

  • Social Media Reporting (Insights)

    Most of the Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked-In etc, all offer 'Insights' reporting. In fact, these reports offer a lot of insights on the the type of people interacting with your social media channels. As a result, we help you use this data to select the most effective business growth strategy options.

  • Create your Businesses set of Unique Daily KPIs

    Every business has its own set of unique daily KPIs that is the key activity to achieve the growth you are wanting. We will help you identify what those Daily KPIs are. Then, we'll help you set up the measuring and reporting of them to achieve real growth.

  • Watch our online Lessons to understand our reporting

    We give you complete access to our online lessons the train you and your team how to understand and use this business reporting. Develop your knowledge and skills to grow your business.

We provide you with a comprehensive framework of business analysis tools, see example slides below:

Automated Financial Reporting

Monthly, Quarterly, Annually Reports that are easy to understand. As a result, these reports empower you to make the right business decisions to grow faster.


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