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Discover How You Can Improve Your Marketing, Sales, Customer Services and Business Reporting Automation.

Get Your Free Customised Business Processes Blueprint for your business in just 2-Hours!

Would you like a Customised Marketing, Sales and Customer Services Blueprint produced specifically for your business to help you automate your Business absolutely Free – No Catches? You see, at LibAbun, we believe the best and most ethical way of showing you that we can help you is to…wait for it….“Actually Help You!” – That’s it – No Catches! 

If your answer is ‘YES Please’…then all you need to do is complete the form on this page and then conduct this Small Business Questionnaire to help us start reviewing your current Marketing, Sales, Customer Services & Business Reporting automation.

After you have completed this quick audit, we’ll contact you to book a 2-Hour appointment to Build out your Customised Marketing, Sales and Customer Services Blueprint.

The ‘Number 1’ skill-set small businesses must master is their marketing and sales skills. The ‘Number 2’ skill is their ‘financial management’ of their business. The ‘Number 3’ skill is how to ‘automate’ as many of these, as much as possible. We specialise in helping you master and automate all these areas (and more) for your Small Business.

See how you are currently performing in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Customer Services and Business Reporting automation in your business, in comparison to others using our preferred CRM system – Infusionsoft and what are the opportunities to improve these aspects.

This marketing, sales, Customer Services and Business Reporting automation audit will take you approx 12-15 minutes to complete it.

Developing a ‘Customised Business Processes Blueprint’ for your Marketing, Sales & Customer Services with the LibAbun Team is a FREE service and is like giving yourself and your Business a ‘Business Health Check’. During the development of your Free ‘Customised Business Processes Blueprint’ we will look at ‘what’ results you are currently achieving in your business; ‘how’ you are currently managing and leading your business; what are your goals for your business; and then identify the best business growth opportunities for each of these key areas that can be applied in your business to better achieve your business goals.

Conducting a ‘Customised Blueprint’ for your Marketing, Sales and Customer Services is done in a few simple steps;

1.   You initiate the process by completing your details on the form on this page and then answer a few short questions about how you are currently running your business. This will take you about 12-15 minutes depending on the amount of detail you supply in some of your answers;

2.   If we haven’t already done so; A member of the LibAbun Team will contact you and arrange a date/time for us to conduct your ‘Customised Blueprint’ in about a 2-Hour session done via an online meeting.

3.   Once we have conducted your ‘Customised Blueprint’, we will send you your copy of the ‘Customised Blueprint’.

4.   We can discuss any options to help you from there….see below an example of one ‘Customised Blueprint’ we did for a customer.

Example Of Customised Blueprint…

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