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Business Growth Strategies For A Property Maintenance Business.


500 Percent Growth In 18 Months

Turnover up from £350k to over £2 million


Here’s another case study that discusses some of the business growth strategies used to help transform a Property Maintenance Business.

Business growth strategies for a Property Maintenance Business

Paul Anderson, the owner of One-Call Group, felt he had ‘too many eggs in one basket’. He wanted to increase his customer base to reduce the risk. One of his Business contacts recommended he speak to a Business Coach. Paul did – and the result has been dramatic! Little did he know that the business growth strategies that were about to be applied, would transform his business. In just 18 months, sales increased 500 percent working with a Business Coach.

Paul established One-call Group in 1994. The business provides a good and reliable property maintenance service to the commercial and private sector. In 1999 Paul found his first retail client – Lloyds Pharmacy as he explains:

Business Growth Strategies Property Maintenance Business“It was by accident as we were working for someone else at the time, Lloyds saw we were doing a good job and asked if we could do some minor repairs for them … next thing we had a contract with Lloyds Pharmacy covering a 100 mile radius of Bournemouth!”

“Over the next decade, Lloyds were accounting for 85% of our turnover and although we were approaching £350.000, having so much coming from just the one source, was a matter for concern.”

Sound Business Growth Strategies – Diversify Your Customer Base.


So Paul started looking for more work in the retail sector. His firm had a couple of bites from Morrisons and Cafe Nero, which was fantastic.  Apart from that, his progress in the sector was limited. He would line-up appointments and pitch, but all too often the opportunities fell through.

One day Paul was working in Witney next to an accountancy firm. These were also listed as business growth specialists, he decided to pop in and see how they could help him.

Paul picks up the story: “I had a 30-minute meeting. They could clearly see I was falling down on marketing and a future direction so they suggested I met with a Business Coach. The rest is history! I have been working with him ever since and the impact has been dramatic. Basically, within 18 months my coach has helped me increase my turnover by over £1.6 million!”

The Business Coach began by helping Paul to clarify exactly what he wants out of his business. “We went through my background, business aims, future vision and how I run things. Before coaching, there were lots of holes in the way I ran the business. Now I have a plan in place, I know where I’m heading, and how I’m going to get there.”

Business Growth Strategies – Know Your Data and Numbers!


An important practical issue was the company’s new website which was going to be an important support in its new business drive.

Paul comments, “It is our online shop window – so it had to look good. My coach was so helpful with this. He had masses of practical advice and avoided us making any expensive mistakes. Thanks to his input traffic to the site has certainly increased and it’s a key route to market.”

There is little point pulling in new customers if you are not also going to ensure current customers are well looked after. The business must also be running efficiently. So the Business Coach also helped Paul implement all their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and a quality control system. This means Paul can assess business critical measures such as customer satisfaction, individual employee ability and the time spent on each job.

Paul continues; “I can now monitor how well the business is doing and can analyse the performance of each worker. This ensures they are doing their very best. Principally, all the jobs we receive are time sensitive so it’s important to know how quickly we’re responding. With the KPI system in place, I know that 96% of the jobs are completed within their allocated time slot.”

Business Growth Strategies – Get Your Systems Working Correctly.


In addition to having these measures in place, his coach has also helped Paul systemise the business.

“With every call-out there is a procedure to follow and specific internal forms to be completed. This paperwork means we can all seamlessly pick up each other’s workloads if needed.”

Paul also sends out customer satisfaction questionnaires on all allotted jobs. “90% of the questionnaires are completed, usually with positive feedback, which is a great morale boost to all the staff”, adds Paul.

While the focus on the business has undoubtedly yielded great results, the changes the Business Coach has made to Paul are for him the most dramatic.

“I feel the main thing he has changed, and improved, is me! For example, I would have 4 or 5 appointments lined-up to pitch for big contracts and I would fail to convert the pitch to a contract. The problem was my presentation skills – I would talk at them, rather than to them, not listening to what they had to say.”

The Business Coach helped Paul put together pre-meeting questionnaires. “This has helped me become more focused. I now have certain ‘set’ questions to ask. I listen and channel my approach. My confidence has increased, my presenting ability is so much better. Indeed, I have won every single major pitch recently, which is a huge turnaround.”

Business Growth Strategies Deliver Results.


This is reflected in the bottom line. Turnover is around £2 million! 500 percent growth in 18 months and vitally the customer base has increased with major names such as Travel Lodge and Shoe Zone coming on board.

Paul concludes: “The growth we have experienced is astonishing. Well over 500 percent growth in 18 months. I have put a lot of work in, but couldn’t have done it without my Business Coach. He helped me implement the KPI and business systems I so badly needed. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the business growth. He has helped me expand and yet gain greater control at the same time. The goal is to hit £5 million over the next 7-10 years and I know I won’t be doing this without my Business Coach!”

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