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LibAbunBEN Mastery Coaching Is A Small Business Educational Networking Group To Grow Your Annual Sales Beyond £100k!

Libabun Business Educational Networking does more than just feeding you a few leads. It teaches you how to sustainably grow and automate your business beyond £100k in Annual Sales...

Business Educational Networking Focusing On Growth...

We conduct all our Business Educational Network meetings online. 

Please register to attend our next LibabunBEN online meeting at 8.00am this Wednesday.

Our Business Educational Networking Group offers our members a structure for success! Weekly meetings, a planning structure and a CRM system to generate and covert leads. Plus access to our online business educational portal. Come along as a Guest…

LibAbunBEN Annual Calendar Structure for Meetings

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Meeting: Every Wednesday

Time: 8.00am-9.30am

Where: Online Zoom Meeting Room

Small Business Trainging LibAbunBEN

Getting Business Networking To Work.

Are you getting a bit tired of the Business Networking Milton Keynes Groups that just Network, with very little other structure to help you deliver results? Try something different that focuses primarily on Business Education to deliver real results and incorporates Business Networking as part their weekly meetings. This is a combination of Business Coaching and training as well as business networking.

We understand that being a Small Business Owner is a massive responsibility! That’s why our LibAbunBEN Business Networking Milton Keynes group is not just about generating leads. Our Business Networking is primarily educational and supportive. Our Purpose is to help you learn and apply the most appropriate business development strategies to achieve your business goals. We do this by helping you to learn how to grow, automate and thrive.

How do you manage all the different responsibilities you have? Having to ‘juggle all those balls’ and at the same time, keeping an eye out for opportunities to grow your business?

We conduct a weekly 90-minute Business Networking Milton Keynes group meeting. This is conducted every Wednesday Morning from 8.00-9.30am. Register to come along as a Guest at our next online Zoom meeting. 

Each week we invest at least 1-hour of our group meeting time, into a ‘Masterclass’, to discuss an aspect of Business. We all need to learn and master a variety of Business strategies. 

Your Role & Responsibility In Business.

As a Small Business Owner, you make a vital contribution to the success of;

  • Yourself and your family;
  • Your employees and their families;
  • Your actual business as an entity and your Industry sector;
  • Any suppliers you have;
  • Your businesses customers;
  • Your Owners/shareholders;
  • Supporting your local community;
  • Complying with your National Government requirements, such as taxes and legal protections!

It is Small Businesses just like yours, which creates this massive value to our people and structure in society in general. Businesses give people, purpose or a sense of ‘belonging’ to something, and stimulates cashflow throughout our economy. This is achieved through sales, purchases, wages, dividends, and taxes. So it’s not just about your business success. You play a vital and important role in our economy, regardless as to what size your business is.

So, your responsibilities to personally succeed and contribute to your Local and National economies are HUGE!

So where do you learn all the different business topics that you need to learn? Our LibAbunBEN Business Networking Milton Keynes group will offer you all this and more.

Here’s What You Get As A LibAbun-BEN Business Networking Group Member…

  1. Attend our Weekly Business Networking meetings on the same day/time each week;
  2. A 60-minute ‘masterclass’ each meeting to discuss a business development strategy;
  3. Your Own CRM system to help you generate and capture more leads and then manage them as customers
  4. Access to our LibAbunLAB membership portal offering business training and education;
  5. Members access to a list of over 500 Business development strategies to help you grow, automate & thrive in business;
  6. Get re-energised through our Alignment process aligning your personal and business goals;
  7. Adopt our online Small Business Planning system to massively improve your planning and results.  Within the one plan, we include your Annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily planning. We will help you set up your own online Business Plan. This will integrate with your online accounting package, such as Xero or Quickbooks;
  8. Understand and identify your Small Business Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Get massive improvement in productivity and results in your business;
  9. Build a trusted network of like-minded business people around you to learn, share and grow with;
  10. You will have the opportunity to give and receive referrals with the other members, helping them and yourself to grow.

Access to dozens of different types of educational resources such as business e-books, webinars, interviews with other businesses and so much more…

The key to Small Business success is to have a consistent focus on business development and having the right infrastructure to do it.

Business Networking with a difference!

Our LibAbun-BEN Business Networking Milton Keynes group offers everything the normal networking groups offer and more! We offer an educational and support component to develop your entrepreneurial skills as a Small Business Owner. Your membership also gives you ‘FULL ACCESS’ to our LibAbunLAB online Business educational portal. Therefore we are very different, focused on growth.

This means consistently developing you, your team and your business systems for enhanced growth and development.

So How Does This All Work?

Join our Business Networking group to build a trusted Business Network of other ‘Like-minded Business Owners’. Together we will learn, share and implement strategies to grow your businesses.

Start a regular Business Owner development program. We will keep you focused each and every week on what is really important! It’s all about consistently and sustainably growing your business.

You get to study, learn & implement all the subjects you need to make a success of your Business. Do this when you want with the ‘On Demand’ online portal.

Business Networking
Business Networking

So, register to come along as a visitor to our business networking Milton Keynes group to do some networking and check out our format. We are an organisation whose primary purpose is to ‘Liberate Abundance through successful Small Businesses’. You too can be part of it! We do that by educating our members on how to be better Business people.

More Benefits From Our Business Network Milton Keynes Membership

Business Educational Networking

If you’ve been involved in any Business Networking before you’ll know most of them are primarily about developing leads.

Our LibAbun-BEN Business Educational Groups are primarily about educating you as a Small Business Owner. You will still get leads and build a trusted network. Enhancing your Business knowledge and skills and growing your business is what’s really important here. Start developing a ‘sustainable & successful Business’!

Weekly Meetings to Consistently Learn & Grow

To get consistent growth in any business, the key word is ‘Consistency’. That is why our Business Networking Milton Keynes meetings are conducted every week.

Personal and Team development needs to be a training system in your Small Business. This should provide both the infrastructure and frequency to deliver valuable training and skills. Once these skills are acted upon, they can become real results in your business.

You’ll Gain ‘Numerical Mastery’ In Your Business

‘Numerical Mastery’ is all about understanding and knowing your numbers in every aspect of your Small Business.

This includes your financial numbers, your marketing and sales numbers, your customer care/services numbers, and so much more. We teach you and your team how to know and focus on improving your numbers!

Most of these numbers are included and recorded in your online Business plan, which is included as part of your membership. This plan ‘syncs’ with your online accounting package, such as Xero. So, you will have an up-to-date set of financials for better decision making.

Learn More to Earn More!

We have already recorded hundreds of Business Development Videos and we have planned to produce hundreds more too.

With ever-changing technology and advancements, we will always be producing new material. We all need to learn the latest Small Business Developments strategies. This will help you to stay ahead of your competition and be at the forefront of Small Business Development.

Grow You & Your Team

Your membership gives you Full access to the LibAbunLAB to learn and grow your Business Skills.

If you have a team, you can also subscribe them to the LibAbunLAB. Ensure your team learns, shares and grows together. This will unlock synergies within your business team that will create real ‘leverage’ for faster growth.

Lighten That Massive Responsibility & Take Back Control of Business

Having a weekly focus on Business Development quickly becomes the norm for you and your business. You will take your business from ‘Chaos to Control’. We discuss your planning and fiscal accounts as a group every month. This helps you to stay focused on what is really important for your business to grow.

You’ll finally feel ‘More in Control’ of your business than ever before. Start to get some ‘peace of mind’ you are achieving some real and sustainable growth and feel great about it.

‘Numerical Mastery’ – Knowing and understanding your numbers, is the language of Business. If you don’t understand your numbers, well it makes it very difficult to win the game of Business!

Neil Sinclair Founder of LibAbun
Neil Sinclair, Founder Libabun