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Unlock Your Business Potential With Our Exclusive Business Success Platform Start-Up & Mastery Programmes To Grow Your Annual Sales Up To & Beyond £150k!

Our BSP Start-Up & Mastery Programmes teaches you how to profitably, sustainably grow and automate your business beyond £150k in Annual Sales...We Guarantee Results.

Start-Up & Mastery Programmes Focusing On Growth, Cashflow & Profit

We conduct all our weekly meetings online ‘Live’. 

Please Book a 15-minute Call to discuss your Buisness Growth Needs and get an Invite to our next online meeting at 9.30am this Wednesday.

Our BSP Success Platform(BSP) Start-Up and Mastery Programmes offer our members a structure for sustainable growth & success! Weekly meetings, a planning structure, an amazing CRM system to generate and covert leads to Sales. You also get educated as a Business Owner how to manage all aspects of your business to grow including your Bookkeeping, Website Design, Social Media Campaign Management, Recruiting and Managing Team, Automation, Using A.I. and so much more. Incredible Value...
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Libabun BSP Online Meetings Annual Calendar

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Meeting: Every Wednesday

Time: 9.30am-11.30am

Where: Online Zoom Meeting Room

Libabun Business Growth Coaching and Mentoring

Transform Your Start-Up Into A Thriving Business

Welcome to the pathway of success tailored for your budding business! Our Start-Up Success Programme is meticulously designed for small businesses in their nascent stage, specifically those with annual revenues under £150,000.

Why Choose Our Programme?

Weekly 2-Hour Online Meetings for Mentoring and Networking

    • Personalised Guidance: Benefit from expert mentoring that addresses your unique business challenges.
    • Valuable Connections: Network with fellow entrepreneurs, fostering opportunities and collaborations.

Full Access To Our All-In-One CRM Systems

    • Centralized Management: Streamline customer interactions, sales, and marketing all in one place.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: Save time and resources, focusing more on growth and less on administrative tasks. 

Comprehensive Business Planning System 

    • Strategic Roadmap: Develop a solid business plan that guides your business towards its goals.
    • Long-Term Success: Equip yourself with tools and knowledge for sustainable growth.

Affordable Pricing for Maximum Value

We understand that as a Start-UP Business ‘Cashflow is King’, so we have structured our Programme to firstly make our Services ‘Affordable’ to you and so that as you Grow, our Services have the flexibility and capability to also meet your growing demands. As your business grows you will need more services resources to sustain that growth.

    • Businesses at ‘Start-Up’ stage with Annual Revenues < £50,000: All services for just £295/month.
    • Businesses at ‘Mastery’ stage with Annual Revenues £50,000 – £150,000: All services just £495/month.

The Benefits: A Closer Look

    • Holistic Approach: From CRM to SEO, our programme covers all essential aspects of business growth.
    • Cost-Effective: Access multiple high-quality services at a fraction of the cost. Including the most up to date use of AI in your business to generate and capture leads
    • Time-Saving: Free up valuable time through Automation and AI to focus on core business activities to deliver.
    • Expert Support: Leverage the knowledge and experience of industry experts.
    • Growth Focused: Everything we offer is aimed at accelerating your business growth.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Book a 15-minute call with us! Let’s first discuss how our Start-Up Success Programme can be the catalyst for your business growth. Then we will invite you to attend an Online Weekly Meeting,  We’re here to guide, support, and celebrate your journey towards success.

Your business dream deserves the best – let’s make it happen together!

Your Role & Responsibility In Business.

As a Small Business Owner, as you grow your business, realise you make a vital contribution to the success of;

  • Yourself and your family;
  • Your employees and their families;
  • Your actual business as an entity and your Industry sector;
  • Any suppliers you have;
  • Your businesses customers;
  • Your Owners/shareholders;
  • Supporting your local community;
  • Complying with your National Government requirements, such as taxes and legal protections!

It is Small Businesses just like yours, which creates this massive value to our people and structure in society in general. Businesses give people, purpose or a sense of ‘belonging’ to something, and stimulates cashflow throughout our economy. This is achieved through sales, purchases, wages, dividends, and taxes. So it’s not just about your business success. You play a vital and important role in our economy, regardless as to what size your business is.

So, your responsibilities to personally succeed and contribute to your Local and National economies are HUGE!

So where do you learn all the different business topics that you need to learn? Our BSP Start-Up and Mastery Programme will offer you all this and more.

‘Numerical Mastery’ – Knowing and understanding your numbers, is the language of Business. If you don’t understand your numbers, well it makes it very difficult to win the game of Business!

Neil Sinclair Founder of LibAbun
Neil Sinclair, Founder Libabun