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Business Coaching Testimonial – Tek Tanks

Business Coaching Testimonial

Business Coaching Testimonial – Sales increased by 25%

Profit increased by 17%

The team is more motivated…

Highly recommends Business Coaching…

Business Coaching Testimonial
Tek Tank Team give a testimonial that Business Coaching has motivated them

Business Coaching Testimonial Tek Tanks

Martin Rye from Tek Tanks Ltd gives a Business Coaching Testimonial about his experience working with a Business Coach. Sales have increased by 25%. Profit increased by 17%. Our Team is more inspired and he highly recommends working with a Business Coach. This is a great Business Coaching Testimonial from the Tek Tank Team.

Martin explains; “When we were approached by our Business Coach, we felt we were in a bit of a pickle at the time. After meeting with our Business Coach and assessing the opportunity to work with them, we decided to give it a go.”

“Everyone in our team is really behind working with a Business Coach. Our Team are much more coherent and working better as a team. There is a big change in the whole team relationships meaning there are less ‘Us and them’ – ‘Office versus Factory’!”

Martin further says; “When I told my friends I was working with a Business Coach, they said ‘About time’, because I definitely needed some help!”

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At Libabun we help Business Owners and Managers discover and understand the benefit of working with a Business Coach. We do this by conducting a 2-Hour Small Business Audit which looks at your current business strategies and your current results. Next, we assess the options with you and offer you a myriad of improvements to achieve ‘real and sustainable’ growth. We also do this audit with you so that you get to understand how Business Coaching can work for you and your business.

You also get to see the competence of the Business Coaching team you are considering working with.  As a Business Coaching Organisation, we also offer all our clients a 26 Week Results Guarantee. So we want to make sure the business growth opportunities are there for you and we are confident we can help you achieve them.