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Business Coaching Testimonial – Clearfirst Drain Services

Business Coaching Testimonial – Clearfirst Drain Services


Sales up 100% in 12 months

363% marketing ROI in 12 months

Profit up 533% in 12 months

When Kris and Hayley from Clearfirst Drainage Services first met our ActionCOACH Business Coach the business was doing reasonably well in terms of turnover. But, despite the fact we were working hard and our team was focused upon meeting the targets we had set them, it wasn’t growing as we would have liked and it was not as profitable as we had hoped. This led to everyone becoming quite de-motivated.

Clearfirst TeamOne of the first things our Coach helped us identify was that we took responsibility for everything. We directed all operations and signed-off on every decision. It meant the members of our team carried out all tasks under our instruction and didn’t have to think or take responsibility for their own actions. We were effectively stifling them, failing to support their personal growth and not allowing them to take any risks.

With the help of our Coach, we’ve taken a long hard look at our business and implemented a number of changes. We’ve systemised and streamlined many aspects and we have committed to educating ourselves to become better leaders. We also strive to realise the full benefit of engaging our team. Six team members are now on the ActionCOACH programme and they contribute fully to the day-to-day running of the business. We’re all learning a lot from the process…and from each other.

As a result, we have a working environment that is extremely productive but is fun at the same time. We have given team members much more freedom to meet (and beat) their targets in their own way, and we welcome all suggestions for improvements in systems and processes. It’s certainly paid dividends. For example, after just one ActionCOACH session our Operations Manager implemented a system that saved over £12,000!

The hard financial figures tell their own story – turnover has gone up, net profit has increased substantially – and we are delighted with them. But it’s not just about the money. We have seen our team evolve and grow over the past few years, and realised how important each member is to our business…and to us. We appreciate them and (we hope) they appreciate us and each other. It has been a fantastic and rewarding journey. Long may it continue!

A Few Words From Their Business Coach…

There is so much I could say about Kris & Hayley that it’s difficult to know where to start. In the first few years of coaching they had incredible results and transformed from managers to leaders. They even reached a point where they felt could take holidays in the knowledge that their business would be in capable hands.

For many people this would be enough, but Kris & Hayley knew that unless they truly empowered their team the business would simply tick over when they were away. They wanted to see it grow in their absence and they wanted the true passive income and freedom this would bring.

To say that Kris & Hayley are ‘raving fans’ of ActionCOACH would be a bit of an understatement. They have truly embraced the ActionCOACH model and I have never seen a business achieve so much by following the 6 Steps. Their investment in their people is amazing and I am now coaching six of their team on a one to one basis. This had made a huge difference to the way team members feel about the business and contribute to it. There really is a sense of 100% Involvement and Inclusion.

As if success with Clearfirst wasn’t enough, Kris & Hayley have taken on and brought into profit three other businesses. Not only that, they contribute their time and knowledge to help other businesses, they support local charities and are proud to be actively involved in their community. I have tremendous respect for them both.

Put simply, they demonstrate true abundance.