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Business Coaching Testimonial Children Nursery Achieves Massive Growth…

134% increase in turnover

266% increase in net profit

Forecasted 22% increase in net profit for next Financial Year

What The Client Says About Business Coaching..

Business Coaching Testimonial Children Nursery
Business Coaching Testimonial – Wellies Day Nursery

Wellies Day Nursery started with their Business Coaching, in October 2007 and what they have achieved together since then is nothing short of remarkable. It’s really difficult in such a short space to cover all the ways in which our Business Coaching has helped them, but we hope we can do it justice. We are so pleased and proud to be in a position to provide this for the category – Business Coaching Testimonial Children’s Nursery.

The Owner of Wellies Day Nursery is a very good nursery nurse and manager, and if the business could have been a success simply on the back of that she would have been fine. Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy and the truth is that she just wasn’t competent as a businesswoman when she started the business. In fact, it would be true to say that her business skills were sadly lacking.

The owner had no control of finances – which meant there was a huge hole in the business cash flow and little profit – no real business or marketing plan and no website. The building I operated from was drab and tired, equipment was old and team morale was at rock-bottom. I was working all of my time “IN” my business – often 60 hours a week – and felt like I spent most of my days ‘fire-fighting’ all sorts of problems. I was emotionally drained and tears would come easily. So it was time to consider some Business Coaching.

“When my business was chosen as the winner of the Business of the Year Award 2011 through the Business Coaching, I realised just how far my business has come and how I have grown as a person. I now feel I can call myself a real businesswoman.”

Business Coaching quickly focused me on the areas of the business that were lacking most in order to help me make an immediate impact. We put systems in place for financial control, drew up plans and forecasts, implemented effective marketing strategies and addressed the lack of motivation and morale in the team.

The results were extremely promising and made a significant difference to all areas of the business. Over the past few years, through continued Business Coaching, we’ve been able to fine-tune the business even further and the results are phenomenal. The figures below are a testimony to that, but one thing I am particularly proud of is that I set a target to reach £500,000 turnover in 5 years and we achieved it in 3, so I’ve reset the target to £1 million in the next 5 years.

Business Coaching Testimonial Children Nursery

I would be lying if I said, Business Coaching was an easy process. It was actually quite painful at times and I felt it really exposed my shortcomings. But the Business Coaching guided me through and it was well worth it. I have come out the other side a stronger person and my business is going from strength to strength.

As a result of taking control of my business and putting a motivated team, I can trust in place, I am no longer working the long hours I had become accustomed to. I now find time to work “ON” my business, I can spend quality time with my family and I even have time for me.

I said I hoped to do my Business Coach justice. Perhaps I should just have mentioned the fantastic return on my investment from the Business Coaching services: 322% against net profit!!  That actually sums it up very succinctly.

What The Business Coach Says About Our Client…

It’s for people like Helen that we do what we do. We always find it rewarding to see someone we have coached take their business to new levels and achieve the success they dreamed off, but with Helen, it has been a particular privilege to accompany her on what has, at times, been a very difficult and personal journey.

When we met Helen, it was evident she really knew her stuff when it came to being a great nursery nurse and manager, but she lacked confidence as a businesswoman and that was manifested in the poor state of her business. There was virtually no credit control, overdraft limits were being squeezed, there was a distinct absence of any planning or forecasting and morale in her team was very low.

It’s often the case that people who are very good at their chosen profession are not always good in business. But that’s frequently more to do with a lack of knowledge, which breeds a lack of confidence, than a lack of ability. And if you wanted to find someone who embodied that, it was Helen. We were very confident our Business Coaching would transfer her and her business as long as she was open to change in her business.

We’ve asked a lot of Helen since we started working together and she has done an incredible amount of hard work and a lot of soul-searching. Sometimes it hasn’t been easy and often she hasn’t liked what she has found. But she has persevered and become stronger as a result.

Through Business Coaching, we’ve brought about substantial positive change to the business, implemented robust systems and processes, built up a loyal and motivated team and put in place a solid business model.  Most significantly we’ve discovered “the inner businesswoman” in Helen.

What a transformation! Congratulation Helen…