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Business Automation Bites

Informative 30-minute micro lessons every Tuesday to save you hours of admin, improve productivity, increase Sales and get control of your business!

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Every Tuesday 16.00-16.30AM (Local London Time)
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Neil Sinclair Founder of LibAbun

Neil Sinclair

Neil Sinclair is a successful Business Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer. Neil is a Business Growth and Automation Specialist. Over the last 20 years he has been a Certified Partner with many of the world's top CRM systems. He is passionate about teaching Business Automation to grow businesses, save you time, increase productivity and change peoples lives for the better.
"Building Better Businesses, Greater Lifestyles"

Next Few BAB Session Topics at 16.00-16.30am (Local London Time)

Tuesday 2nd November

How To Boost Your Conversion Rate Using A CRM

Tuesday 9th November

Taking Payments Online – Automate Quotes/Invoicing!

Tuesday 16th November

Automating your Invoices and Expenses with Online Accounting Software to Save you time and hassle.

Tuesday 23rd November

Coordinating & Managing Your Team Tasks Through Automation.

What Do These Business Automation Bites Sessions Cover?

Business Automation spans into most facets of business these days. Which is a fantastic opportunity for you and your team to automate a substantial amount of your business activities to save you a vast amount of time and massively improve your business consistency and results.

Business Automation Bites (BAB)

Save time, Get more done, Increase conversions, Make more Sales and Take Control Of Your Business!

Business Automation Recommendations

What is the
Best CRM

Trade or Service Based Business working at customers premises

Businesses selling online or working from their own offices

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'Business Automation Bites' Shows You How To Save Hours of Admin, Improve Productivity, Increase Sales and Get Control Of Your Business!

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Business Automation Bite Sessions
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