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LibAbun Bookkeeping Service Guarantee

Our LibAbun Bookkeeping Service 8-Point Guarantee!

 We have already shared with you that our aim is to provide a great Bookkeeping Service. An experience that gives you ‘total peace of mind’ and the growth you are seeking. 

We know that’s a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”, yet we know we can deliver ‘Wow’. So, why wouldn’t we strive for such a purpose?

In fact, Bookkeeping Practices are seen by many as ‘Business Growth Experts and Advisors’. Yet very few of these same Bookkeeping Practices offer any form or warranty or Guarantee to their own customers!

At LibAbun Bookkeeping ‘we practice what we preach’. We are so confident we will deliver an exceptional service to you we are prepared to Guarantee it. We have developed our ‘LibAbun Bookkeeping Service 8-Point Guarantee.


Our 8-Point Bookkeeping Service Guarantee!

We Guarantee to deliver the following 8-Point Service;

  1. We guarantee to increase your business gross profitability by more than our monthly service fee within 26 weeks of commencing our service, or our monthly service becomes free until we have achieved it! (Subject to you acting on our advice).

  2. Correctly set up your business accounts on the Xero Accounting Software (new and existing Xero Users);

  3. Set you up on Hubdoc software to automate some of your Business Accounts routine data entry

  4. We will clarify and understand your business goals, so we can help you move towards those business goals throughout your financial year. (Updated at least annually)

  5. Alignment of your Xero Chart of Accounts to focus on targeted monthly reports focusing achieving your Business Goals

  6.  We guarantee to enter all your Accounts data for receipts, expenses, and other business costs and reconcile your accounts every month.

  7.  Provide you with a set of Financial management reports at the end of each month to make informed decisions towards achieving agreed business goals

  8. We will give you the best advice every month to make sure you are conducting business the most tax-efficient way. Often this means claiming business expenses you are not currently aware of, resulting in less tax to pay8